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D479382 Nautical mailbox  
D479032 Thumb print identification safe door handle  
D479030 Crystal shaped stone monument  
D479031 Mailbox flag  
D478702 Mail delivery indicator kit for mail box  
D478402 Circular shaped stone monument  
6604627 Coin display device and indexing method  
A device is provided in the form of a map of the United States to display a set of commemorative coins in relation to state geographic regions associated with the coins. A color-coded indexing...
D478201 Mailbox  
D477902 Currency acceptor  
D477704 Race car mailbox  
D477452 Coin sorting bank  
D477451 Coin display case  
D477448 Grave caddy  
D476790 Illuminated relief  
D476792 Portable mail slot chute with cleat and thumb grip for mail carrier  
D476462 Mailbox assembly  
D476132 Rural mailbox drawer  
D476130 Urn  
D475832 Dual view memorial marker  
D475501 Cross of Pythagoras  
D475500 9/11 illuminated memorial device  
D475502 Stretchable sleeve for a mailbox  
D475171 Mailbox door assembly  
D475170 Cross  
D475172 Mail box flag  
D475169 Cross charm  
D475168 Prayer wish creation and storage box  
D474766 Public-access E-commerce facility  
D474596 Step-up case  
D474872 Game rosary  
D474572 Holder for cremation ashes  
D474321 Mailbox  
D474322 Coin display cabinet  
D472845 Combined spiritual bat and stand  
D472691 Mailbox support  
D472692 Coin retaining device  
D472361 Rosary  
D472032 Motorsports mailbox  
D471703 Stress-relieving totem pole pincushion  
D471691 Observational mailbox window  
D471690 Burial columbarium  
D471692 Coin bank  
D470991 Cremation urn holder  
D470992 Coin sorter housing  
D470543 ATM toy bank  
D469237 Cremation remains container  
D468886 Twin cremation urn  
D468887 Mailbox  
D468523 Ornamental cross attachment for footwear  
D468072 Burial vault