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D802878 Multispace parking pay station  
D802876 Multispace parking pay station  
D802248 Mailbox  
D802249 Indoor parcel lockers  
D800989 Storage box  
D800414 Indoor parcel lockers  
D800413 Indoor parcel lockers  
D800412 Casket lid cover  
D799784 Indoor parcel lockers  
D799783 Indoor parcel lockers  
D799782 Safe  
D799149 Security box  
D799148 Safe  
D799147 Non-burial time capsule monument  
D797399 Coin capsule  
D795524 Parcel locker  
D795523 Multispace parking pay station  
D794274 Control terminal  
D793649 Urn with picture holder  
D792049 Automated teller machine  
D791424 Lounge chair lockable container  
D789649 Indoor parcel locker  
D789021 Automatic teller machine  
D789022 Indoor parcel lockers  
D789024 Post cover  
D789020 Memorial bone  
D789023 Piggy bank  
D789019 Memorial column  
D787773 Automated teller machine  
D787774 Automated teller machine  
D787772 Urn  
D787149 Urn  
D785977 Cross-shaped display frame for insertion of display material  
D785898 Lock box for medical device  
D785897 Urn  
D785899 Pillow safe  
D785274 Cluster box mail delivery unit  
D784737 Cross-shaped display frame for insertion of display material  
D782772 Coin container  
D782774 Mailbox indicator flag  
D782773 Night depository control panel  
D782149 Item collection receptacle  
D782147 Automated teller machine  
D782148 Self-service terminal  
D781524 Urn  
D781024 Multispace parking pay station  
D779773 Multispace parking pay station  
D779774 Multispace parking pay station  
D779770 Automated teller machine  
D779771 Multispace parking pay station