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D492079 Combination urn and picture frame  
D492083 Coin bank  
D492084 Combined coin bank and snack food container  
D491335 Selectively accessible container for gratuities  
D490839 Currency acceptor system  
D490960 Lower portion for a coffin  
D490585 Motorized coin sorter  
D490204 Container for a deceased person or animal  
D490205 Fabric urn cover  
D489510 Mailbox assembly having a curved post  
D489508 Cremation urn ornament  
D489509 Mailbox cover  
D489158 Automated teller machine storage cassette  
D488909 Mailbox cover decal  
D488907 Inspirational hand piece  
D488610 Football motif mailbox  
D488280 Miniature automated teller machine  
6702107 Door post-attachable housing for a parchment scroll  
A door post-attachable housing for a mezuza scroll, has a base component for attachment to a door post and a cover component, the base and cover delimiting a compartment for housing a mezuza...
D487179 RV safe  
D487180 American flag pole cover  
D486850 TSP portable electronic toll reader  
D486620 Partially transparent mailbox  
D486290 Coin scoop  
D485960 Door for security safes and gun cabinets  
6679372 Quarter displaying and teaching device  
A quarter displaying and teaching device for displaying commemorative Unites States quarters that depict the seals of the individual states. The quarter displaying and teaching device includes a...
D485420 Nonasphere  
D485418 Mailbox with transparent panels  
D485043 Mail box door assembly including a door and a door frame  
D485045 Coin holder or dispenser  
D485040 Ground safe  
D484670 Locker bank  
D484668 Novelty mailbox  
D484067 Religious ornament  
D483545 Mailbox assembly having a bifurcated post  
D483544 Mail box  
D483291 Statue  
D483542 Memorial  
D483170 Decorative urn  
D482840 Automated teller machine divert cassette  
D482510 Unattended delivery receptacle  
D482180 Automated teller machine media cassette indicator  
D482056 Currency cassette  
D482177 Media cassette for use in an automated banking machine  
D482179 Mailbox with transparent panels  
D481514 Urn lid  
D481518 Automated teller machine interface  
D480860 Urn  
D480200 Frameless mail slot  
D479763 Ornamental article  
D479642 Automated banking machine enclosure