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D503844 Portions of a post supported mail box  
D503504 Portions of post mountable mail boxes  
D503503 Cashbox  
D503505 Cow bank  
D502831 Surface ornamentation for funerary article  
D502795 Funeral urn  
D502597 Media depository  
D501620 Door for a gun cabinet, pistol box, ammunition box, security safe, or the like  
D501694 Nanotet sphere  
D501594 Portions of a post supportable mail box  
D501593 Ossuary vessel  
D501595 Star in circle array for coin display  
D500905 Automated teller machine  
D499961 Combined snack food container and coin bank  
D499524 Portions of roadside mail boxes  
D499525 Security safe interior  
D498895 Door for security safes and gun cabinets  
D498894 Cross  
D498893 Surface ornamentation for caskets  
D498340 Casket dish  
D498030 Novelty creature coin dispenser bank  
D497464 Crucifix  
D497465 Plastic mailbox  
D496768 Pair of ritualistic shinto implements  
D496770 Mailbox  
D496515 Mailbox  
D496032 Kiosk  
D495848 Cinerary urn  
D495850 Media guide rail spacer  
D495849 Early 1800's mailbox  
D495112 Coin display holder for the fifty statehood quarters  
D495110 9-11 Commemorative twin towers with mail box and flags  
D495114 Media guide rail cap  
D495115 Media guide rail base  
D495111 Portable coin dispenser  
D494729 Floral rosary  
D494728 Star and crescent design  
D494456 Urn finial  
D494727 Cremation urn  
D494229 Toy figure casket illustrating dangers of smoking  
D494339 Snake coin dispenser  
D494340 Lady bug coin dispenser  
D494338 Flower coin dispenser  
D493938 Sport coin dispenser  
D493937 Safe view mailbox  
D493940 Butterfly coin dispenser  
D493934 Cremation urn  
D493939 Body coin dispenser  
D493600 Mailbox number plate mount  
D493598 Magnetic mailbox device