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D561425 Coin sorter and/or money box  
D560325 Casket lining with native American motif  
D559500 Casket lid  
D558425 Bank equipment  
D556973 Mailbox indicator flag  
D556975 Mailbox crown  
D555875 Graveside keepsake storing device  
D554709 Slot/ATM machine  
D554325 Novelty magnet for vehicles  
D551825 Vampire fangs coffin  
D551425 Plastic coffin  
D549925 Currency collector  
D549924 Mailbox support  
D549923 Support for a mailbox  
D549425 Savings bank  
D549424 Upper and lower portions of fronts of cluster box mail delivery receptacles  
D548925 Mail box  
D547924 Coffin and trailer  
D547925 Mailbox  
D547025 Exterior portions of guard assemblies for parcel door locking systems of cluster box unit mail delivery receptacles  
D546525 Pedestal mail box  
D546061 Container  
D546024 Slot machine bank  
D546025 Mail box  
D545525 Vibrational wavelength resonance enclosure  
D543335 Portions of master door locking components of cluster box mail delivery receptacles  
D543005 Ribbed heart shaped cremation urn  
D541002 Columbarium memorial  
D541004 Coin sifting bin  
D541003 Tip jar  
D540182 Coffin jewelry box  
D540505 Funeral urn  
D539540 Storage device  
D539505 Infant casket  
D536155 Portions of central connector post and locking elements associated therewith for cluster box mail delivery receptacles  
D534965 Safebox toy  
D533980 Passion crucifix  
D533330 Honor box for candy display and coin receptacle  
D532996 Plaque to display quarters  
D532578 Cinerary urn  
D531379 Mailbox tray  
D531380 Mailbox stand  
D530880 Self service transaction terminal  
D530480 Decorative bracket assembly for a head stone  
D529680 Basketball letterbox  
D529307 Themed memorabilia storage and photo display device  
D529255 In-store self-checkout machine  
D528734 Mailbox  
D528735 Fill port for an enclosure  
D528733 Coffin