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D518939 Translucent cross shaped urn  
D518620 Religious mailbox and post  
D517770 Safe  
D517443 Sports rosary  
D517270 Mailbox  
D516770 Mailbox  
D516270 Mailbox design  
D515267 Heart-shaped keepsake urn  
D515270 Money machine  
D515268 Mailbox  
D515269 Round barn mailbox  
D514770 Coin bank  
D514386 Passover cup  
D513550 Rosary  
D513355 Military service headstone medallion  
D513105 Nesting coin bank  
D512898 Card and pinpad reader  
D512805 Wooden piggy bank  
D512195 Safe handle  
D512194 Casket  
D511466 Combination digital clock and coin collection display  
D511605 Triangular mailbox  
D511604 Cremation urn with motorcycle gas tank shape  
D511405 Spiritual aura angel with wings applique  
D511235 Surburban mail box with checkered race car flag  
D511035 Security box  
D510785 Motorcycle gas tank mailbox  
D510170 Bank depository  
D509940 Bank  
D509688 Drawer face for a vertical file, a safe, or the like  
D509636 Burial urn containing a transparent material with laser-induced images  
D509639 Fireman's crematory urn  
D509640 Kiosk for automatic teller machines  
D509021 Mail box lighter  
D508580 Solar powered light cross  
D508599 Casket  
D508600 Electronic lockbox  
6922927 Holder for and method for holding memorial material  
A holder for memorial material includes a display panel with a front and rear surface, and an upper ledge attached to the display panel. The display panel has between the front surface and the...
D507689 Rosary  
D507690 Coin sorter bank  
D506860 Engraving for a national memorial  
D506590 Toy bank with money counting system  
D505832 Combined coconut-shaped drink container and coin bank  
D505765 Self-service terminal  
D505693 Hopper  
D505529 Crucifix  
D505530 Digital keypad for a safe  
D504550 Coin tube organizer  
D503842 Grave marker with flag holder  
D503845 Portions of a post for supporting mail boxes