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D581625 Automatic teller machine  
D580624 Mailbox  
D580625 Mailbox protector  
D580622 Casket  
D580125 Door back for a safe  
D579625 Protective enclosure  
D579175 Piggy bank  
D579174 Closet storage device  
D578725 Memorial marker  
D578275 Religious icon  
D575925 Memorial marker  
D575147 Showcase storage container for collectable items  
D575475 Shot shell mailbox  
D574575 Pet memorial  
D574125 Coin bin  
D574124 Portable safe  
D572425 Travel safe  
D572142 Combined dish detergent container and coin money holder  
D572312 Sign for vehicles  
D571975 Bier  
D571525 Data connection port for an escutcheon plate  
D571075 Card holder for a bar of precious metal  
D570075 Coin display folder  
D570074 Fire-resistant safe  
D570073 Casket handle  
D569575 Card holder for a round precious coin  
D569075 Mailbox alert flag  
D569074 Package collection device  
D569073 Blow molded fire resistant safe  
D567475 Glass urn  
7358858 Road-ice detecting sensor, method for installing same, and road-ice detecting method  
A road-ice detecting sensor includes: a temperature sensing member of T shape made of a highly heat conductive metal, having a temperature sensor to be grounded onto a road and a fin part erected...
D564931 Modifiable jewelry  
D565273 Aura sphere  
D565275 Refrigerator piggy bank  
D563625 Mailbox with straps, rivets and cupped handle  
D563075 Mailbox top adornment  
D561994 Cash box/security case  
D561975 Postal receptacle  
D561425 Coin sorter and/or money box  
D560325 Casket lining with native American motif  
D559500 Casket lid  
D558425 Bank equipment  
D556973 Mailbox indicator flag  
D556975 Mailbox crown  
D555875 Graveside keepsake storing device  
D554709 Slot/ATM machine  
D554325 Novelty magnet for vehicles  
D551825 Vampire fangs coffin  
D551425 Plastic coffin  
D549925 Currency collector