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D621573 Casket ornament  
D621572 Memorial urn  
D621571 Candlestick silhouette urn  
D621574 Dual flower holder for crypt covers  
D621570 Silhouette urn  
D621124 Crematory urn  
D621123 Inlaid casket  
D621125 Diversion book safe  
D620675 Safe  
D620674 Crematory urn  
D620225 Mailbox with cartoon holding stop sign  
D619926 Unity cross multi-piece sculpture  
D620223 Casket  
D620224 Casket  
D620222 Casket with ornamentation  
D619775 Safe  
D618875 Banknote handling machine  
D618424 Urn  
D618425 Urn  
D618135 Cross  
D617974 Vertical safe  
D617973 Pet memorial object  
D617975 Combined mailbox and mail arrival indicator  
D617524 Photo luminescent resin angel  
D617525 Gun safe  
D617523 Fleur de lis casket  
D617075 Funeral casket  
D616526 Sitting pig shaped garden watering can  
D616625 Rosary device  
D616624 Dual-component cremation urn structure  
D616175 Decorative holiday mailbox  
D616174 Crematory urn  
D615274 Automated teller machine  
D615275 Cash box pouch  
D614825 Crematory urn  
D613475 Casket shell corner  
D612281 Racecar rosary  
D612574 Memorial urn  
D612572 Urn  
D612575 Cluster box indicator  
D611674 Grave cover  
D611675 Broken heart shaped urn  
D611223 Central processing unit for an automated teller machine  
D611221 Cremation urn  
D611224 Bank machine  
D611222 Rosary device  
D611180 Memorial light  
D610774 Dual flower holder for crypt covers  
D610775 Coin counting jar  
D609875 Cover