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D840628 Garbage can  
D840126 Trash can  
D839793 Patient lift  
D840128 Shelf for use in wheeled containers, trolleys and other load carriers  
D840129 Vehicle ramp  
D839640 Merchandising stand  
D840127 Utility cart  
D839526 Modular pallet racking system  
D839525 Shopping cart  
D839527 Winch housing  
D839528 Power winch  
D838929 Shopping trolley  
D838426 Waste disposal device cover  
D838427 Shopping cart  
D838428 Conveyor pulley  
D838429 Foldably constructed pallet  
D838077 Golf-club caddy  
D838078 Ramp with treads  
D838075 Waste disposal device cover  
D838076 Buggy  
D837477 Synthetic strap hoist  
D837474 Waste disposal device cover  
D837476 Paper roll cushioner  
D837475 Cart  
D837473 Waste receptacle  
D836877 Guiding surface rail  
D836878 Foldable tailgate ramp  
D836278 Food recycler  
D836279 Selling display unit  
D835878 Crane base  
D835875 Mobile cart  
D835877 Scooter carrier  
D835873 Combined trash bin and recycling bin  
D835876 Tank cart  
D835874 Combined waste receptacle and safety device  
D835373 Container  
D835372 Combined garbage and recyclables receptacle  
D835375 Combined garbage and recyclables receptacle  
D835377 Portable carrier  
D835376 Trash can  
D835374 Trash can  
D835378 Jack  
D834278 Bicycle stair ramp  
D834277 Combined waste and recycling bin  
D834279 Pallet  
D833701 Cart  
D833702 Roller chain outer plate link  
D833700 Waste receptacle  
D833703 Foot guard for lift  
D833102 Cart