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D804762 Receptacle for recycled materials  
D804766 Wheel  
D804769 Wire drum  
D804747 Pet chair shopping cart insert  
D804767 Vehicle ramp having visual indicators  
D804760 Waste receptacle  
D804763 Wheelbarrow frame weight holder  
D804764 Large all terrain utility cart  
D804765 Cover for a bumper  
D804759 Combined litter and recycling receptacle  
D804768 Top plate  
D804761 Waste receptacle  
D804136 Keg transporter  
D804138 Lifting device  
D804135 Dolly with storage rack  
D804137 Conveyor link  
D804133 Trash can  
D804134 Trash can extender  
D803503 Marine trash receptacle  
D803505 Trash bin  
D803506 Cask  
D803504 Waste receptacle  
D802999 Mug  
D802864 Wall attachable debris catcher  
D802870 Cart  
D802871 Bonnet for a vehicle  
D802865 Trash receptacle loading ramp  
D802869 Cart  
D802868 Cart  
D802866 Mobile wire spool carrier  
D802867 Cart  
D802240 Refuse can stabilizer  
D802243 Pallet truck  
D802244 Loading ramp  
D802247 Loading ramp  
D802246 Loading ramp  
D802245 Loading ramp  
D802241 Cart for a water jetting machine  
D802239 Open top trash can  
D802242 Insertable small item basket for a shopping cart  
D801619 Vertical channel vehicle lift arm  
D801614 Multi-bin receptacle  
D801616 Pallet truck  
D801615 Trash container  
D801618 Offset handle for manual hoist  
D801617 Service jack  
D800987 Shopping list attachment  
D800985 Receptacle  
D800483 Display unit  
D800986 Shopping cart