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D799135 Dual chamber tumbling composter  
D799137 Receptacle  
D798521 Tool station dolly  
D798524 Pallet truck  
D798520 Utility cart  
D798522 Winch  
D798523 Windlass hoist  
D798023 Apparatus for handling and sorting packages  
D798024 Nestable pallet  
D798017 Trash can  
D798022 Apparatus for handling and sorting packages  
D798019 Cart  
D798015 Support structure for debris collection bag  
D798020 Shopping cart basket  
D798018 Utility cart  
D798016 Trash can  
D798021 Suction head for a material handling lifting device  
D797396 Vehicle lift platform  
D797395 Shopping basket  
D797393 Bag-securing member for waste containers  
D797397 Stanchion for vehicle loading  
D797398 Counterweight  
D797394 Refuse container  
D796766 Touch bin  
D796769 Shopping cart  
D796772 Scraper blade for conveyor belts  
D796767 Sensor bin  
D796771 Shopping cart basket  
D796773 Loading ramp  
D796768 Decorative sleeve for garbage container  
D796774 Rail pallet  
D796770 Portable carrier  
D796765 Wheeled trash can  
D796693 Canopy  
D796149 Fork for forklift  
D796147 Wheel  
D796143 Hose reel cart  
D796146 Cart  
D796145 Trolley  
D796148 Travelator  
D796144 Shopping cart  
D795521 Trash can  
D795522 Winch  
D794894 Trash receptacle  
D794898 Fork lift fork  
D794895 Trash bag holder  
D794899 Keg  
D794896 Push cart for golf  
D794897 Shopping cart shelf  
D794273 Ballot box storage and transport cart