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D794899 Keg  
D794896 Push cart for golf  
D794897 Shopping cart shelf  
D794273 Ballot box storage and transport cart  
D794272 Trash bin  
D793647 Shipping rack  
D793643 Trash can with lid  
D793646 Shopping cart handle coupling mechanism  
D793644 Cart  
D793648 Lifting cylinder  
D793645 Adjustable motorcycle dolly  
D793642 Trash can  
D793024 Ramp  
D792732 Brewing tank  
D793021 Waste container  
D793023 Shipping rack jig  
D793022 Inductive garbage can  
D792674 Shopping cart  
D792673 Stackable trash receptacle  
D792046 Lift pocket for a refuse container  
D792047 Cart with an adjustable top  
D792048 Wagon  
D790793 Trash can  
D790797 Adjustable trolley block  
D790799 Rail for overhead crane  
D790798 Fixed trolley block  
D790795 Suitcase carrier  
D790794 Container  
D790796 Large powered jack  
D790792 Linear assembly of adjacent open top rectangular containers each supported by legs and sized to fill an elongated roll-off waste container  
D790148 Forklift  
D790145 Trash can  
D790147 Cart  
D790146 Cart  
D790149 Forklift  
D789647 Fork lift fork  
D789648 Maintainable pallet  
D789645 Jack cover  
D789642 Shopping cart bumper  
D789641 Linen truck  
D789646 Fork lift fork  
D789643 Conveyor transfer guard  
D789644 Vehicle stanchion loading with a mounting bracket  
D789015 Lifting cylinder with balanced valve  
D789013 Garbage container  
D789012 Refuse cart  
D789018 Fork lift fork  
D789016 Hoist  
D789014 Linen truck  
D789017 Fork lift fork