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D790148 Forklift  
D790145 Trash can  
D790147 Cart  
D790146 Cart  
D790149 Forklift  
D789647 Fork lift fork  
D789648 Maintainable pallet  
D789645 Jack cover  
D789642 Shopping cart bumper  
D789641 Linen truck  
D789646 Fork lift fork  
D789643 Conveyor transfer guard  
D789644 Vehicle stanchion loading with a mounting bracket  
D789015 Lifting cylinder with balanced valve  
D789013 Garbage container  
D789012 Refuse cart  
D789018 Fork lift fork  
D789016 Hoist  
D789014 Linen truck  
D789017 Fork lift fork  
D788399 Pallet truck  
D788398 Powered wagon  
D787770 Platform cart  
D787753 Tack box  
D787771 Material fetching machine  
D787147 Trolley  
D787148 Forklift-tray  
D787146 Hanging waste receptacle apparatus  
D786523 Golf trolley  
D786524 Cart  
D786522 Service cart  
D785895 Battery cover for a lift truck  
D785896 Battery cover for a lift truck  
D785892 Trash container  
D785891 Table top waste receptacle  
D785893 Gimbal  
D785508 Electrically-powered mobile kiosk  
D785894 Display housing for a lift truck  
D785271 Cart  
D785272 Conveyor  
D785270 Composter  
D785273 Aerial lift cover  
D785269 Combined litter and recycling receptacle  
D784648 Dolling plate for pallet jack  
D784647 Bar  
D784649 Secure barrel pallet  
D783919 Combined litter and recycling receptacle  
D783924 Aerial lift cover  
D783920 Bag-retaining insert for waste container  
D783923 Ramp