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D811684 Control pack of a winch  
D811685 Clutch lever of a winch  
D811036 Material hopper  
D811035 Receptacle  
D811037 Offset handle for manual hoist  
D810381 Stackable rack for fabrication material transportation  
D810380 Grocery cart  
D810376 Waste disposal device cover  
D810378 Chassis of a utility cart  
D809987 Leveling block  
D810382 Suspension for a hoist  
D810377 Storage cart  
D810375 Cinch  
D810379 Swing cart  
D809988 Leveling block  
D809731 Shopping trolley  
D809733 Pallet jack reel stand  
D809729 Sensor trash can  
D809732 Frame for wheelbarrow  
D809730 Cart  
D809734 Lifting device  
D809728 Trash receptacle  
D809238 Conveyor intake  
D809237 Hand truck  
D808673 Stool  
D808608 Foldably constructed pallet  
D808607 Part of snow sweeper  
D808105 Ball wheel for a wheelbarrow  
D808103 Receptacle  
D808107 Forklift  
D808106 Forklift  
D808104 Trolley  
D807608 Sluice insert tray  
D807609 Power unit cover for an industrial vehicle  
D807607 Paint sprayer apparatus frame  
D806977 Inventory processing cart  
D806975 Sport training cart  
D806974 Trash receptacle  
D806976 Shopping cart shelf  
D806340 Cart  
D806346 Fork lift truck  
D806348 Lifting apparatus  
D806342 Shopping cart  
D806345 Crawler crane  
D806343 Lift harness  
D806339 Trash receptacle  
D806344 Floor jack  
D806341 Shopping cart  
D806347 Chain link  
D805714 Modular pallet