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D819919 Hand truck attachment  
D819294 Winch remote control  
D819292 Pail  
D819293 Pallet truck  
D819291 Bag supporting device  
D818664 Pinata pole  
D818663 Waste bag  
D818239 Forklift truck  
D818238 Forklift truck  
D818237 Cart  
D817581 Trash can  
D817585 Housekeeping cart  
D817579 Trash can  
D817583 Mobile bar cart  
D817586 Wheel carrier  
D817584 Utility cart  
D817587 Modular pallet  
D817580 Trash can  
D817582 Countertop composter  
D817577 Insulated composter  
D817578 Trash can  
D816939 Pallet with columns  
D816936 Magnetic lifting ring  
D816935 Magnetic lifting ring  
D816938 Winch  
D816937 Winch  
D816287 Top deck of a pallet  
D816288 Bottom deck of a pallet  
D815789 Storage container  
D815387 Lifting device  
D815383 Recycling bin  
D815385 Wafer support ring  
D815384 Bag-securing member for waste container  
D815386 Winch  
D814736 Vehicle parking lift support leg  
D814733 Waste receptacle  
D814735 Cart  
D814737 Crane  
D814738 Hand truck attachment  
D814734 Container top  
D814135 Cart  
D814136 Cart  
D814137 Wheelbarrow cover  
D814134 Side rails of a creeper frame  
D814133 Cart  
D813485 Inductive garbage can  
D813140 Carriage side plates  
D813489 Platform for stacking a pallet on top of a bulk bin or open ended box  
D813487 Shopping cart handle cover  
D813486 Shopping cart