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D824132 Automobile lifting jack  
D823569 Service jack  
D823568 Reversibly-hinged lid for dumpster  
D822936 Handle of a barrow  
D822935 Container dolly  
D822932 Debris cart  
D822939 Winch handle  
D822938 Forklift  
D822937 Apparatus for handling loads  
D822933 Garbage container  
D822934 Tool tray  
D822931 Construction pan assembly  
D822301 Recyclables collection lid  
D822304 Shopping cart  
D822307 Counterweight  
D822308 Top deck of a pallet  
D822302 Air cylinder cart frame  
D822303 Wheelbarrow  
D822309 Bottom deck of a pallet  
D822305 Shopping cart component  
D822306 Leaf spring assembly  
D821675 Debris cart with cutout  
D821677 Counterweight  
D821676 Crane  
D821049 Shopping cart  
D821051 Mobile single-door food cabinet  
D821050 Mobile food cabinet  
D821054 Hand truck attachment  
D821052 Mobile two-door food cabinet  
D821053 Rubber bumper  
D820549 Ramp  
D820547 Trash can liner  
D820553 Cask  
D820545 Waste disposal device cover  
D820546 Waste disposal device cover  
D820550 Hoist  
D820551 Lift truck mast  
D820552 Hamper  
D820548 Golf cart  
D820544 Trash bin  
D819915 Waste receptacle  
D819914 Food scrap net  
D819917 Cart  
D819923 Pallet truck  
D819918 Motorized wheelbarrow  
D819916 Waste disposal device cover  
D819924 Pallet  
D819921 Conveyor transfer guard  
D819922 Hoist  
D819920 Portable drive-over conveyor