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D717514 Lift truck  
D717513 Single pallet mover  
D717512 Reconfigurable portal for leaf debris  
D717014 Trash receptacle  
D717015 Trash receptacle  
D717013 Trash receptacle  
D717012 Trash receptacle  
D716514 Portable automobile lift  
D716014 Animal waste bag dispenser and collection station  
D716015 Oval pedal bin  
D716013 Litter receptacle  
D715509 Trash can  
D715510 Trash receptacle with octopus features  
D715512 Shopping basket  
D715511 Combined waste bag holder and cart  
D715013 Sheet rack cart panel  
D715014 Pallet cover  
D714510 Bag securing member  
D714511 Golf-club caddy  
D714512 Folding vehicular lift  
D714012 Shopping cart component  
D714009 Refuse container  
D714008 Trailer trash trashcan  
D714013 Adjustable-width movable load backrest  
D714010 Work platform  
D714011 Shopping cart component  
D713613 Engine hoist  
D713113 Trolley recessed fixed frame  
D713112 Bellman cart  
D713114 Flat rack  
D712612 Sanitary container  
D712613 Pad for a creeper  
D712611 Waste receptacle  
D712112 Low-profile lip extender unit for a dock ramp  
D712111 Panel lifter  
D712110 Combined trash and recycling receptacle  
D711610 Recycling bin  
D711611 Helmet returning bin  
D711612 Trash can  
D711613 Amplifier stand  
D711614 Trolley  
D711062 Ramp  
D711060 Sanitary container  
D710968 Rainwater collecting device  
D711061 Robot  
D710565 Wine fermentation vessel  
D710564 Scraper for a conveyor belt cleaner  
D710562 Shopping cart  
D710563 Lifting column  
D710560 Countertop mountable waste bin