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D753365 Travelator  
RE45961 Cart basket  
D753364 Refuse cart  
D753363 Can-shaped recycle bin  
D752836 Powered wagon with hopper  
D752835 Powered wheelbarrow  
D752838 Tank handling apparatus for use lifting, supporting and manipulating cylindrical tanks  
D752834 Powered cart  
D752837 Powered wheelbarrow with articulating chassis  
D752840 Wine container  
D752839 Mini-keg growler neck without cap  
D752307 Powered wagon  
D752310 Forklift  
D752311 Combined trailer jack and jack stand holder  
D752312 Forklift  
D752309 Articulated utility cart  
D752308 Powered wheelbarrow with platform  
D751789 Pallet  
D751786 Fishing cart  
D751787 Pallet lifter  
D751788 Pallet lifter  
D751785 Supple impact simulated trash can assembly  
D751264 Cart  
D751262 Trash basket for car  
RE45915 Shopping cart  
D751265 Molded wheel  
D751263 Barrow  
D750860 Cleaning cart  
D750536 Forklift trailer tow attachment  
D750863 Forklift  
D750861 Display cart  
D750865 Collapsible hoist for an animal carcass  
D750864 Conveyor belt tightener  
D750862 Shopping cart container  
D750338 Vehicle ramp with lifting mechanism  
D750339 Arm rest  
D749809 Refuse container  
D749813 Retainer for trolleys  
D749810 Bag holding garbage container attachment  
D749812 Hand truck  
D749811 Grape harvesting wagon  
D749815 Foil packaging  
D749808 Waste receptacle with extension  
D749814 Apparatus for pulling and lifting wire mesh  
D749286 Cart  
D749289 Forklift fork tip  
D749287 Hydraulic jack extension  
D749288 Trailer jack holder  
D748885 Base portion of a conveyor belt scraper blade  
D748446 Drill winch