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D743663 Device holder for a cart handle  
D743664 Link for lifting device  
D743138 Waste receptacle  
D743139 Bellman cart  
D743140 Bundle frame for containing a set of connected gas cylinders  
D742613 Rolling cart  
D742614 Winch  
D742612 Cart  
D742611 Waste receptacle  
D742615 Storage container with foot or hand hold down  
D742088 Cart  
D742089 Caddy  
D741565 Forklift  
D741564 Link for conveyor system  
D741039 Power winch  
D741038 Power winch  
D740514 Conveyor belt scraper blade  
D740512 Jack-stand tray  
D740513 Winch  
D739990 Boat carrier having two saddles  
D739635 Conveyor belt scraper blade base member  
D739633 Waste receptacle  
D739634 Tree mountable hoist support  
D739632 Recycling receptacle  
D739110 Mesh panel  
D739109 Waste receptacle with bag dispenser  
D739111 Inflatable automobile jack  
D739113 Operator cabin  
D739112 Powered pallet truck  
D738589 Tiltable lockable elevating pedestal joist support  
D738588 Receptacle  
D738590 Rain barrel  
D738062 Cleaning system trolley  
D738064 Crane  
D738063 Leveling block cap  
D738061 Shopping cart  
D737538 Crane truck  
D737534 Vehicle for carrying an insulated chest  
D737535 Wall covering for a wall of a luggage or cargo carrier  
D737537 Commercial lifting device-power unit  
D737536 Conveyor  
D737539 Control unit  
D737014 Round Trash can  
D737013 Touch bin  
D737015 Oar carrier  
D736489 Push pedal trash can  
D735590 Detection system  
D735962 Modular load carrying system  
D735961 Link pin for conveyor chain  
D735434 Plate with inner cleat