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D725862 Housekeeping cart  
D725863 Forklift truck  
D725864 Barrel  
D725337 Dolly for a cleaning apparatus  
D725338 Pallet truck  
D725336 Waste storage device  
D725339 Rope cover for a winch  
D724809 Four-way stack-and-nest pallet with full window-framed runners  
D724808 Material transport  
D724807 Waste receptacle  
D724289 Elevator belt splice  
D724287 Simulated ceramic pottery decorative trash container  
D724288 Building edge mount lifting apparatus  
D723765 Pallet cornerboard locator  
D723763 Foldable cart  
D723762 Folding travel wagon  
D723764 Cordless wheel lift  
D723239 Wafer carrier ring  
D723240 Material handling vehicle  
D723237 Room service meal delivery cart  
D723238 Retail cart  
D722737 Combined dolly and carry cage for tube cleaning machine  
D722735 Kitchen waste bin  
D722738 Portable dual tube grain auger  
D722736 Food cart  
D722415 Housing for a jack  
D722413 Yarn cart  
D722414 Fast adjust trailer jack  
D722215 Barrel  
D722214 Forklift truck  
D721863 Shopping cart with removable baskets  
D721464 Foldable shopping cart  
D721465 Wheel crib  
D721214 Portable winch  
D720912 Door transport dolly  
D720914 Floor jack  
D720915 Floor jack  
D720913 Shopping basket  
D720515 Contoured backrest with integrated control module support  
D720514 Floor jack  
D720513 Open trash can  
D720112 Carrier board of a hand cart  
D720110 Bag holder  
D720113 Safety return idler glove  
D720114 Fork-lift truck  
D720111 Wheelbarrow cradle  
D719713 Plastic pallet  
D719313 Waste basket  
D718513 Commercial rack for transporting jack stands  
D718514 Tool caddy for automobile lift