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D764140 Profile rail for overhead crane  
D763530 Tree-shaped trash receptacle  
D763532 Garden cart  
D763538 Forklift truck  
D763536 Cart  
D763531 Hinged lid receptacle  
D763537 Winch  
D763535 Trolley wheel  
D763534 Cart  
D763533 Trolley  
D762936 Waste receptacle  
D762937 Keg handling device  
D762939 Transport structure  
D762938 Handle for mobile device  
D762339 Cart  
D762038 Decorative panel for a welding cart  
D762037 Trash can  
D761514 In-garbage container  
D760990 Load cap  
D760989 Lifting jacks  
D760461 Particle collector  
D760465 Electric vehicle jack  
D760462 Basket  
D760463 Laundry cart hanger bar  
D760464 Shopping cart shelf  
D759731 Joystick for a road roller  
D759935 Portable automobile lift  
D759934 Trash can trim component  
D759936 Portable automobile lift  
D759937 T-post puller  
D759332 Combination recycling and trash receptacle bin  
D759336 Wire rope hoist  
D759337 Combined lifting hook and coupling guide assembly  
D759335 Gimbal  
D759334 Pneumatic conveyor  
D759333 Foldable cart  
D758687 Trolley  
D758688 Cart  
D758689 Expansion tank removal device  
D758686 Flip bin  
D758039 Reachstacker  
D758038 Golf caddy  
D758037 Decorative wastebasket with internal spaces  
D757388 Beach equipment cart  
D757386 Combined storage and transport cart  
D757387 Storage basket cart  
D757385 Waste receptacle with lid  
D756587 Wheeled cart  
D756573 Pet ramp with reflective markings  
D756589 Fork lift truck