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D749811 Grape harvesting wagon  
D749815 Foil packaging  
D749808 Waste receptacle with extension  
D749814 Apparatus for pulling and lifting wire mesh  
D749286 Cart  
D749289 Forklift fork tip  
D749287 Hydraulic jack extension  
D749288 Trailer jack holder  
D748885 Base portion of a conveyor belt scraper blade  
D748446 Drill winch  
D748883 Wheeled hose cart  
D748886 Pallet insert  
D748821 Barrow wheel and spool dispenser material attachment set for a ladder  
D748882 Combined adaptable storage and transport cart with suspended shelving  
D748881 Combined adaptable storage and transport cart with bumper feature  
D748884 Liner for a grocery cart  
D748887 Loading rack  
D748361 Portable automobile lift  
D748360 Loading device  
D748359 Beverage cart  
D747911 Warming trolley  
D747838 Scraper blade for conveyor belts  
D747837 File storage rolling cart  
D747840 Fork lift truck  
D747839 Fork lift truck  
D747590 Transport rack for shaft  
D747586 Combined refuse and recycle bin organizer  
D747589 Bending brake assembly  
D747587 Shopping cart  
D747588 Belly-dump intermodal cargo container  
D747063 Shopping cart with passenger seat  
D747061 Diaper pail  
D747062 Bin housing  
D747064 Utility cart  
D747060 Diaper pail  
D746534 Counterweight for a lift truck  
D746537 Pallet  
D746535 Bottom for a foldable pallet  
D746531 Sanitary cover for shopping cart handle bar  
D746408 Fluid dispensing cart  
D746536 Top for a foldable pallet  
D746533 Jack stand  
D746530 Hand truck for yard equipment  
D746532 Support frame for a conveyor device  
D746177 Cart  
D746014 Counterweight for a lift truck  
D746012 Cart  
D746013 Overhead guard for a lift truck  
D745763 Handle for mobile device  
D745240 Transferring machine for caregiving