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D781521 Shopping trolley  
D781523 Pallet assembly  
D781522 Forklift fork tip  
D781519 Container  
D781520 Power barrow  
D781021 Folding cart  
D781022 Bending brake assembly set  
D781023 Transport structure  
D781020 Powered wheelbarrow with platform  
D780399 Conveyor transfer guard  
D780395 Waste container  
D780398 Hand truck base plate with raised edges  
D780396 Welding cart  
D780397 Cart  
D779759 Waste basket  
D779761 Receptacle  
D779767 Carrier for extrusion and pelletizing equipment  
D779764 Carrier attachment for a vehicle  
D779763 Cart  
D779765 Powered cart  
D779766 Carrier for extrusion and pelletizing equipment  
D779760 Receptacle  
D779768 Winch  
D779769 Scraper blade for conveyor belts  
D779762 Powered wheelbarrow with articulating chassis  
D779146 Transfer robot  
D779145 Platform cart  
D778662 Beer cooler  
D779147 Jack stabilizing plate  
D778521 Wheelbarrow wheelbase  
D778520 Container  
D778524 Forklift  
D778522 Fork-lift truck  
D778523 Fork-lift truck  
D778023 Vehicle handhold element  
D778022 Aerial lift  
D778021 Trash bin  
D777399 Foldable tailgate ramp  
D777396 Multipurpose mobile caddy  
D777397 Apparatus for handling and sorting packages  
RE46281 Set of cart baskets  
D777395 Recycle bin system  
D777394 Bag-retaining insert for waste container  
D777398 Plate with inner cleat  
D776895 Pushcart  
D776897 Floor jack frame  
D776892 Dustbin  
D776894 Pushcart  
D776898 Forklift mast mounting  
D776893 Dustbin