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D863700 Vacuum cleaner  
D863702 Vacuum cleaner tool  
D863701 Vibration dampening support  
D863704 Pool cleaner head  
D863703 Accessary holder for vacuum cleaner  
D863705 Cleaning device for soldering tips  
D863706 Squeegee  
D863707 Mop  
D862816 Dishwasher  
D862823 Rack for dishes  
D862818 Portable pool cleaner  
D862820 Drawer-type clothes dryer  
D862822 Rack for dishes  
D862819 Wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner  
D862814 Tableware-cleaning machine  
D862817 Scrubber  
D862091 Cleaning pad with pattern  
D862821 Cleaning tool  
D862815 Disinfection unit for escalator handrails  
D862014 Drawer-type washing machine  
D862010 Robotic vacuum cleaner  
D862016 Pulsator for washing machine  
D862019 Laundry hamper  
D862012 Washstand with mini washing machine  
D862017 Filter for a robotic vacuum  
D862015 Drawer-type washing machine  
D862020 Scouring sponge  
D862013 Drawer-type clothes dryer  
D862018 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D862011 Vacuum cleaner  
D862021 Iron  
D862022 Steam generator for iron  
D861274 Wet paint brush holder  
D861271 Handle  
D861264 Handheld cleaning machine  
D861262 Toilet plunger head  
D861261 Dishwasher  
D861269 Grill scraper  
D861273 String mop  
D861263 Combined toilet plunger and base  
D861270 Sponge  
D861268 Vacuum cleaner  
D861266 Cleaning robot  
D861272 Grill scraper  
D861267 Surface cleaning attachment  
D861265 Vacuum cleaner  
D860552 Dishwasher door component  
D860553 Washing machine  
D860566 Grill cleaning tool  
D860563 Mop