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D828968 Head for an electric vacuum cleaner  
D828966 Washing machine  
D828969 Dish cleaner with suction cup  
D828967 Pool cleaner  
D828668 Push broom  
D828659 Backpack vacuum cleaner  
D828665 Window cleaning appliance  
D828656 Clothes care machine  
D828661 Detergent container for washing machine  
D828664 Handle for an electric vacuum cleaner  
D828658 Toilet plunger with handle  
D828660 Robot vacuum cleaner  
D828662 Detergent inlet for washing machine  
D828667 Power mop  
D828655 Compact dishwasher  
D828666 Grill cleaning tool  
D828657 Drum type washing machine  
D828654 Ultrasonic cleaning machine  
D828663 Robot cleaner  
D827965 Laundry sorter frame  
D827948 Futon dryer  
D827956 Steam generator  
D827958 Door for washing machine  
D827960 Garment hamper  
D827955 Hand vacuum component of a vacuum cleaner  
D827954 Floor cleaning machine  
D827961 Laundry basket  
D827962 Grill cleaning tool  
D827952 Door for dishwasher  
D827963 Broom head  
D827953 Nozzle for dishwasher  
D827966 Garment folding apparatus  
D827959 Swimming pool brush  
D827951 Dishwasher  
D827950 Futon dryer  
D827957 Door for washing machine  
D827964 Laundry sorter frame  
D827949 Futon dryer  
D827238 Swimming pool leaf tool  
D827232 Vacuum cleaner  
D827233 Robot vacuum cleaner  
D827235 Washing machine  
D827226 Washing machine  
D827220 Door for dishwasher  
D827230 Drum type washing machine  
D827237 Vacuum cleaner base  
D827221 Dishwasher  
D827228 Drum type washing machine  
D827229 Drum type washing machine  
D827225 Dishwasher