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D787767 Foldable laundry hamper  
D787759 Washer and/or drying machine  
D787766 Nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D787762 Vacuum cleaner  
D787761 Pool cleaner  
D787765 Vacuum cleaner  
D787760 Pool cleaner  
D787763 Washing machine  
D787403 Foldable surface protector  
D787758 Bicycle wash station  
D787768 Sponge  
D787769 Rack  
D787764 Detergent container for washing machine  
D787145 Sock holder  
D787142 Window cleaning device  
D787143 Sponge for substrate cleaning  
D787144 Cleaning tool  
D787140 Bicycle wash and fill station  
D787141 Vacuum cleaner  
D786520 Broom  
D786516 Dryer appliance  
D786521 Steamer for clothing  
D786515 Dryer appliance  
D786518 Rake for toys  
D786519 Machine polishing pad  
D786517 Cleaner  
D785886 Collapsible canvas laundry hamper  
D785877 Cleaner  
D785885 Collapsible canvas laundry hamper  
D785890 Washboard for washing machine  
D785883 Brush for a vacuum cleaner  
D785881 Washing machine  
D785887 Flexible reusable bucket cover  
D785884 Cleaning attachment  
D785889 Paint grid  
D785876 Washing machine  
D785882 Washing machine  
D785880 Washing machine  
D785888 Paint pan and insert  
D785338 Automotive snow brush with squeegee  
D785879 Vacuum cleaner  
D785878 Vacuum cleaner  
D785339 Hand applicator buffing pad  
D785264 Vacuum cleaner  
D785257 Washing machine  
D785261 Robot cleaner  
D785260 Pool cleaner  
D785256 Washing machine  
D785266 Scrapper knife  
D785268 Liner