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D815380 Vacuum cleaner attachment  
D815382 Head for vacuum cleaner  
D815374 Drying machine  
D815379 Vacuum cleaner  
D815375 Dust collector  
D815378 Retractable wheel  
D815376 Pedestal washing machine  
D815377 Blower nozzle attachment  
D815381 Attachment for a floor cleaning machine  
D815373 Digital ultrasonic cleaner  
D814726 Laundry basket  
D814730 Dish rack  
D814721 Plunger  
D814732 Dustpan  
D814731 Steam station  
D814727 Grill brush pad  
D814725 Clothing folding device  
D814720 Washing machine  
D814722 Pedestal washing machine  
D814724 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D814729 Handle for cleaning tool  
D814728 Scraper edged pool skimmer bag  
D814723 Vacuum cleaner  
D814128 Washing machine  
D814131 Broom block  
D814132 Over the door ironing board  
D813979 Dispenser for a sanitary appliance  
D814130 Cleaning apparatus  
D814129 Sock laundry bag  
D813634 Buffing pad  
D813347 Dispenser for a sanitary appliance  
D813484 Sink cradle  
D813477 Dust canister for cleaner  
D813483 Liner for use with bucket and liner combination  
D813481 Sponge  
D813479 Floor care tool head  
D813476 Prewashing sink for washing machine  
D813482 Cleaning tool  
D813480 Wiper substrate  
D813474 Washing apparatus  
D813478 Hand-held submersible aquarium power cleaner  
D813475 Handheld vacuum cleaner  
D812833 Dish and pot scrubber  
D812825 Blower  
D812831 Vacuum cleaner floor tool  
D812829 Clothes cleaning machine  
D812832 Swimming pool brush  
D812826 Vacuum cleaner  
D812830 Washing machine with a graphical user interface  
D812828 Vacuum cleaner