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D849339 Pipe dredge  
D849342 Pool cleaner  
D849346 CPAP mask-cleaning sponge  
D848687 Dryer  
D848695 Liquid dispensing container  
D848697 Combination paint brush scraper and washsponge holder  
D848693 Drawertype washing machine  
D848696 Paint tray  
D848236 Multipurpose hand tool  
D848694 Bristles of a brush  
D848689 Vacuum cleaner  
D848691 Bristles of a brush  
D848690 Door for clothes washing machine  
D848692 Bulk dispensing drawer  
D848688 Vacuum cleaner  
D848095 Washing machine  
D848093 Hard surface cleaning device  
D848102 Three-layered scouring pad  
D848092 Washing machine  
D848098 Nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D848103 Paintbrush holder  
D848099 Nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D848094 Pool cleaner  
D847593 Tool for cleaning hook and loop fasteners  
D848096 Cactus dryer ball  
D848101 Oven cleaner rod with micro fiber mitt  
D848100 Vacuum cleaner attachment  
D848097 Nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D848091 Washing machine  
D847445 Washing machine  
D847310 Rack  
D847446 Cylinder for a backpack vacuum  
D847444 Washing machine  
D847447 Paint brush edging tool  
D846820 Vacuum cleaner tool  
D846822 Paint strainer  
D846821 Surface cleaning head component of a vacuum cleaner  
D846536 Robot confinement transceiver  
D846819 Vacuum cleaner  
D846088 Pipe fitting  
D846218 Grill scraper  
D846209 Dishwasher  
D846212 Vacuum cleaner  
D846219 Cleaning tool  
D846215 Cleaning sponge  
D846213 Cleaning pad  
D846220 Drainage rack  
D846086 Pipe fitting  
D846089 Pipe fitting  
D846216 Handheld detailer