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D809232 Combined tray and brush holder for a surface cleaning apparatus  
D809227 Battery powered blower  
D809233 Gutter cleaning tool  
D809234 Nonwoven abrasive with dot surface pattern  
D809235 Glass scraper  
D809223 Drum washing machine  
D809229 Vacuum cleaner  
D809231 Head for vacuum cleaner  
D809236 Female connector for a cleaning head  
D809222 Washing machine  
D809220 Washer basket  
D809230 Vacuum cleaner extension pipe  
D809225 Washing machine  
D809221 Washing machine  
D808205 Pedestal  
D808602 Hand washing device  
D808600 Steamer head  
D808606 Tripod Drying rack  
D808599 Washing machine  
D808605 Sink cradle  
D808604 Sink cradle  
D808603 Sink cradle  
D808601 Vacuum cleaner  
D808598 Sprayer for dish washing machine  
D808095 Swimming pool cleaner  
D808100 Scratching tool  
D808099 Robot vacuum cleaner  
D808093 Washing machine  
D808102 Tray for washing machine  
D808092 Washing machine  
D808098 Dust collector for vacuum cleaner  
D808094 Washing machine  
D808101 Drying rack  
D808096 Robot cleaner  
D808091 Ultrasonic cleaner  
D808097 Vacuum cleaner body  
D807730 Conduit dredge  
D807604 Foldable carry case  
D807601 Vacuum cleaner  
D807598 Vacuum cleaner  
D807600 Vacuum cleaner  
D807597 Dart having blades for cleaning tubes  
D807603 Nozzle for a vacuum cleaner  
D807606 Washboard for washing machine  
D807599 Robot cleaner  
D807602 Handle for vacuum cleaner  
D807605 Dish and pot scrubber  
D807596 Dart for cleaning tubes  
D806963 Extension hose for vacuum cleaner  
D806962 Vacuum cleaner