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D857317 Laundry machine dispenser drawer  
D857319 Cleaning fluid tank  
D856614 Floor cleaning machine  
D856617 Laundry container  
D856615 Door bowl for a laundry treating appliance door  
D856618 Glass cleaner  
D856619 Paint tray  
D856616 Foldable laundry sorter  
D855908 Vacuum cleaner  
D855914 Interchangeable scrub brush or scrub pad for a floor maintenance vehicle  
D855906 Dishwasher basket  
D855918 Cleaning and raking apparatus for grills  
D855907 Floor cleaning machine  
D855911 Vacuum cleaner  
D855912 Vacuum cleaner  
D855917 Laundry Basket  
D855909 Handheld vacuum cleaner  
D855916 Container  
D855915 Handle for vacuum cleaner  
D855913 Vacuum cleaner  
D855910 Vacuum cleaner  
D855271 Electric swivel mop  
D855270 Squeegee  
D855268 Combined garment steamer and screen  
D855269 Surface cleaning head component of a vacuum cleaner  
D855266 Washing machine  
D855272 Iron  
D855267 Base for a garment steamer  
D855265 Washing machine  
D854764 Stacking kit for washing machine  
D854762 Cleaning system  
D854766 Paddle lighter for washing machine  
D854765 Door for drum washing machine  
D854763 Pressure washer frame  
D854769 Dustpan comprising a device allowing a removable handle to be fitted thereto  
D854767 Vacuum cleaner tool  
D854768 Floor pad  
D854270 Lid  
D854264 Blower  
D854267 Pool cleaner body  
D854266 Vacuum cleaner  
D854268 Mop cloth for broom  
D854271 Spring peg  
D854265 Axial blower  
D854269 Cleaning tool  
D853668 Electric washing machine with clothes dryer  
D853667 Washing machine  
D853671 Broom head  
D853669 Blower  
D853673 Dustpan