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D822930 Dish drying rack  
D822926 Sponge for substrate cleaning  
D822928 Glass cleaning tool  
D822927 Combined scrubbing sponge with handle and holder  
D822297 Door for washing machine  
D822298 Combination scrubbing sponge with handle and holder  
D822299 Mop assembly  
D822300 Paint bucket  
D821672 Iron  
D821667 Vacuum cleaner  
D821674 Soleplate for iron  
D821673 Iron  
D821670 Sink grid  
D821666 Dishwasher  
D821669 Paint pail  
D821671 Iron  
D821668 Garment steamer  
D821046 Dust canister for cleaner  
D821043 Clothes dryer machine  
D821044 Vacuum cleaner  
D821045 Door for drum washing machine  
D821047 Vacuum cleaner upright portion  
D821048 Iron soleplate  
D820541 Vacuum cleaner base  
D820539 Fabric care appliance  
D820542 Utility wrap  
D820540 Garment steamer  
D820543 Dish rack  
D819906 Telescopic handle  
D819908 Cleaning tool  
D819904 Gear dryer  
D819903 Gear dryer  
D819913 Dustpan  
D819911 Flat iron rack  
D819912 Dust pan attachment  
D819418 Electric polisher  
D819907 Mop head  
D819902 Decontamination cart  
D819905 Grout cleaning mop  
D819910 Utility wrap  
D819909 Bucket container with handle  
D819284 Door for drum washing machine  
D819285 Handle for vacuum cleaner  
D818950 Charging station for a robotic vacuum  
D819282 Vacuum cleaner  
D819288 Utility wrap  
D819283 Displaceable manifold for a chemical jug washer  
D819287 Large surface ice breaker and protective shield  
D819290 Loose material collection device  
D819169 Blower spray nozzle