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D705510 Hamper frame  
D705511 Scraping device  
D705509 Electronic indicator device for cleaning monitoring  
D704911 Squeegee  
D704909 Storage drawer for washing machines  
D704913 Iron  
D704908 Blower  
D704907 Washing machine  
D704912 Ironing board  
D704910 Mop head  
D704405 Bracket  
D704398 Battery driven cleaning machine  
D704403 Sponge  
D704399 Electrically powered steam cleaner  
D704401 Nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D704404 Sponge  
D704400 Robot vacuum cleaner  
D704402 Floor cleaner  
D704397 Dishwasher door  
D703886 Washing machine  
D703890 Vacuum cleaner  
D703897 Washing-up bowl  
D703893 Vacuum cleaner filter adapter ring  
D703894 Vacuum cleaner filter adapter ring  
D703889 Vacuum cleaner  
D703898 Strap-hook ring  
D703884 Washing machine  
D703891 Electric washing machine  
D703883 Washing machine  
D703888 Pressure washer  
D703899 Stackable clothes drying apparatus  
D703896 Sponge  
D703882 Basket for a dishwasher  
D703895 Storage basket with lid  
D703879 Pet grooming brush and vacuum attachment  
D703892 Vacuum cleaner filter adapter ring  
D703885 Washing machine  
D703887 Dryer  
D703396 Dishwasher rack  
D703395 Dish washer  
D703409 Drain mat  
D703406 Part of window cleaning appliance  
D703401 Auxiliary cyclonic dust collector  
D703402 Vacuum attachment for a cleaning apparatus  
D703404 Handle  
D703397 Vacuum cleaner  
D703408 Ice scraper  
D703398 Dryer bar  
D703399 Dryer bar  
D703403 Laundry caddy