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D714501 Vacuum cleaner  
D714499 Washing machine  
D714500 Vacuum cleaner  
D714505 Scrubbing device  
D714504 Vacuum cleaner  
D714503 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D714509 Drying rack  
D714507 Cleaning sheet  
D714506 Cleaning sheet  
D714502 Door for drum washing machines  
D714005 Vacuum cleaner attachment  
D714001 Vacuum cleaner  
D714003 Robotic vacuum  
D714002 Robotic vacuum  
D714004 Vacuum cleaner  
D714007 Electric steam iron  
D714006 Broom  
8832899 Used oil wiping brush for toothed rack  
The present invention provides a used oil wiping brush for a toothed rack, which includes a handle and a wiper mounted on the handle. The wiper includes a coupling section and a wiping section...
D713612 Rubber glove with sponge covering  
D713611 Vacuum cleaner  
D713610 Door of washing and/or drying machine  
D713609 Vacuum cleaner  
D713153 Barbeque grill brush  
D713608 Basket  
D713152 Barbeque grill spray brush  
D713108 Vacuum cleaner  
D713111 Vacuum cleaner  
D713109 Vacuum cleaner  
D713110 Hand-held submersible broom vacuum cleaner  
D713106 Basket for an appliance  
D713105 Lifter for a basket of an appliance  
D712664 Broom  
D713107 Basket for an appliance  
D712608 Steam cleaning brush  
D712605 Floor cleaning machine  
D712610 Paint brush cleaner  
D712609 Steam cleaning brush  
D712603 Washing and/or drying machine  
D712604 Vacuum cleaner  
D712607 Steam cleaning floor head  
D712606 Vacuum cleaner  
D712102 Carpet cleaning machine  
D712103 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D712108 Iron  
D712104 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D712101 Vacuum cleaner  
D712107 Sauce leveler device  
D712106 Liquid absorbing pad  
D712105 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D712109 Iron