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D697276 Frame for washing machine  
D696829 Dish rack  
D696824 High-pressure cleaner  
D696826 Screen cleaner  
D696828 Toilet aid device  
D696823 Blower vacuum device  
D696825 Hand-held vacuum cleaner  
D696827 Steam cleaning squeegee  
D696477 Lighted dishwasher door  
D696475 Dishwasher  
D696479 Backpack vacuum cleaner  
D696476 Dishwasher door and compartment  
D696480 Vacuum  
D696478 Washing machine  
D696481 Work station  
D695983 Dish rack  
8607473 Dryer door and dryer comprising the same  
Disclosed are a door for a dryer and a dryer having the same, the door for the dryer having a concave portion or an inclined portion formed at an end surface of a door glass, such that an inner...
D695978 Washing machine  
D695982 Dish rack  
D695977 Washing machine  
D695981 Pan scraper  
D695979 Drum washer  
D695980 Vacuum cleaner  
D695474 Top for an appliance  
D695475 Handle for a lens cleaner  
D695472 Laundry appliance  
D695471 Animal waste receptacle  
D695480 Single-layer fabric string mop  
D695481 Head of window washer  
D695477 Cleaning paddle  
D695478 Cleaning sponge  
D695473 Garment steamer  
D695479 Ceiling fan dusting tool  
D695476 Lint storage container  
D695483 Clothesline  
D695482 Dish rack  
8595951 Reservoir bladder dryer system  
This invention discloses a dryer for insertion into a cavity of a reservoir bladder with a fill inlet, a primary internal cavity and a back pocket cavity portion, the dryer including a framework...
D694973 Mop  
D694966 Laundry appliance  
D694979 Roll-off portion of a bucket  
D694970 Vacuum cleaner handle  
D694967 Washing machine  
D694968 High-pressure cleaner  
D694980 Wringer  
D694975 Bucket  
D694971 Hygienic sheet  
D694977 Bucket  
D694976 Bucket  
D694978 Bucket  
D694969 Floor cleaning machine