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D747573 Pool cleaner  
D747576 Vacuum cleaner filter  
D747569 Dish washer  
D747578 Cleaner  
D747567 Parts washer  
D747568 Environmental cleaning device  
D747574 Pool cleaner  
D747571 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D747581 Hygienic sheet  
D747570 Dryer machine  
D747585 Debris-pan attachment for push-broom  
D747584 Steam iron  
D747580 Vacuum cleaner  
D747583 Drying mat  
D747050 Housing of a portable blower/vacuum  
D747057 Sink accessory  
D747054 Spray mop  
D747056 Sink accessory  
D747052 Vacuum roller  
D747058 Sink accessory  
D747053 Cleaning tool  
D747055 Surface treatment pad  
D747051 Home appliance  
D747059 Iron  
D746527 Tool for a vacuum cleaner  
D746521 Washing machine  
D746528 Mop ring  
D746529 Steam generating base for irons  
D746522 Submersible electric-powered leaf vacuum cleaner  
D746524 Vacuum cleaner  
D746523 Vacuum cleaner  
D746525 Vacuum cleaner  
D746526 Tool for a vacuum cleaner  
D746005 Robot cleaner  
D746006 Washing machine  
D746010 Cosmetic brush cleaning mat  
D746011 Steam ironing module  
D746009 Handle  
D746004 Blower  
D746007 Washing ball  
D746003 Dishwasher  
D746008 Mop handle  
D745751 Dishwasher door control panel  
D745755 Dishwasher door  
D745750 Bottle wash clip  
D745762 Paint container and lid construction  
D745759 Cleaning machine  
D745761 Handle  
D745757 Robot cleaner  
D745752 Dishwasher accessory