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D824626 Handgrip for cleaning tool handles  
D824618 Waste paper basket  
D824614 Vacuum cleaner body  
D824613 Pressure washer frame  
D824605 Dishwasher  
D824621 Hamper with lid  
D824609 Cleaning device  
D824176 Cleaning tool  
D824622 Adjustable P clamp  
D824608 Topload washing appliance  
D824615 Vacuum cleaner  
D824607 Topload washing appliance  
D824623 Debris scraper  
D824606 Laundry washing module  
D824625 Glass cleaning tool  
D824629 Dustpan  
D824617 Washing machine  
D824616 Handheld vacuum cleaner  
D824229 Window de-icer  
D824612 Pressure washer frame  
D824610 Cleaning device  
D824619 Skimmer  
D824630 Dustpan  
D824611 Floor cleaning machine  
D824627 Wringer  
D824624 Debris scraper  
D824121 Washing machine  
D824129 Glass cleaning tool  
D824128 Snow removal tool  
D824125 Brush for vacuum cleaner  
D824126 Garment hamper  
D824124 Dehumidifying sterilizing and deodorizing machine for garments  
D824127 Microfiber drying cloth  
D824123 Washing machine  
D823657 Gasket scraper  
D824130 Handgrip for cleaning tool handles  
D824122 Washing machine  
D823560 Dishwasher  
D823562 Vacuum cleaner body  
D823567 Surface cleaning head component  
D823565 Vacuum cleaner  
D823564 Vacuum cleaner body  
D823091 Handle for a pressure washer hose  
D823561 Floor cleaning device  
D823566 Brush for vacuum cleaner  
D823563 Vacuum cleaner body  
D822929 Dish dryer  
D822924 Washing machine  
D822925 Casing for a blower  
D822923 Floor cleaning device