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D753361 Tool for a vacuum cleaner  
D752829 Dishwasher and/or component(s) thereof  
D752830 Washing machine  
D752831 Cleaner  
D752827 Ultraviolet light based article cleaning apparatus  
D752833 Golf club cleaning apparatus  
D752828 Cutlery basket  
D752832 Home appliance  
D752303 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D752305 Implement handle connector  
D752299 Combination bussing and dishwasher rack  
D752301 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D752306 Loose material collection device  
D752304 Push button  
D752300 Robot cleaner  
D752302 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D751779 Vacuum cleaner base  
D751781 Ice scraper  
D751782 Tool head  
D751777 Robot cleaner  
D751783 Pail  
D751778 Home appliance  
D751784 Drain mat  
D751780 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D751260 Robot cleaner  
D751259 Vacuum cleaner  
D751261 Vacuum cleaner  
D750853 Washing machine for shavers  
D750855 Nozzle for dishwasher  
D750856 Floor cleaning machine  
D750852 Paint spray gun cleaning device  
D750857 Washing machine  
D750858 Air delivery outlet nozzle  
D750854 Nozzle for dishwasher  
D750859 Truck wash paddle  
D750335 Grill scraper with attachable cleaning brick  
D750333 Chemical cleaning apparatus  
D750336 Barbecue scraper  
D750334 Filter bag  
D750337 Dish stand  
D749804 Washing machine  
D749806 Door cover for washing machine  
D749805 Pressure washer  
D749807 Washing machine  
D749283 Cleaner  
D749284 High-pressure cleaner  
D749281 Cleaner  
D749282 Cleaner  
D749280 Plunger  
D749285 Cleaner