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D718008 Vacuum cleaner  
D718011 Handle grip for a cleaning apparatus  
D718007 Disc sprayer assembly disposed on a wall of a dishwasher  
D717510 Drying tools  
D717507 Vacuum cleaner  
D717508 Scraper tool  
D717506 Vacuum cleaner  
D717509 Scraper  
D717011 Ironing organizer  
D717009 Pad  
D717010 Pail  
D716511 High temperature tool pad  
D716512 Pad  
D716510 Cleaning element for a robotic vacuum  
D716509 Garment steamer tool holder  
D716513 Mop top  
D716009 Mop head  
D716008 Duster with interior sleeve with end cap  
D716011 Container  
D716010 Mop  
D716012 Lid for container  
D716007 Triangularly shaped head for a steamer  
D715506 Grill cleaning tool  
D715508 Sole plate for an iron  
D715505 Vacuum cleaner  
D715507 Containers  
D715504 Vacuum cleaner  
D715111 Dosage container with lid for adding a washing agent  
D715110 Dosage container  
D715010 Footwear cleaning device  
D715012 Iron  
D715009 Surface cleaner  
D715011 Paint strainer  
D714508 Collapsible dish rack  
D714501 Vacuum cleaner  
D714499 Washing machine  
D714500 Vacuum cleaner  
D714505 Scrubbing device  
D714504 Vacuum cleaner  
D714503 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D714509 Drying rack  
D714507 Cleaning sheet  
D714506 Cleaning sheet  
D714502 Door for drum washing machines  
D714005 Vacuum cleaner attachment  
D714001 Vacuum cleaner  
D714003 Robotic vacuum  
D714002 Robotic vacuum  
D714004 Vacuum cleaner  
D714007 Electric steam iron