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D707001 Dust exhauster in box  
D707005 Sink mat  
D707000 Garment steamer  
D706997 Dishwasher door and handle strip  
D707002 Appliance  
D707006 Iron  
D706999 Washing machine  
D706507 Hamper with lid  
D706510 Drying rack assembly  
D706504 Vacuum cleaner  
D706505 Extraction cleaner handle  
D706506 Hamper  
D706037 Head of a cleaning device  
D706501 Resilient dishwasher accessory  
D706502 Dishwasher door and handle  
D706503 Dishwasher door  
D706509 Rectangular pail  
D706508 Hamper  
D706488 Scrubber sponge  
8739432 Apparatus and method for drying sports pads and apparel  
A drying apparatus for drying sports pads or apparel is provided. The drying apparatus may include a first member and a second member. The first member may be aligned substantially perpendicular to...
D706006 Ironing board  
D706009 Wine glass dryer  
D706007 Garment clamp for steamer use  
D706005 Hood having external helical configuration, for use as part of debris-collecting apparatus  
D706008 Drying rack base  
D706004 Drain snake  
8732975 Pivotally-deployable work surface for a household appliance  
A work surface device for a domestic household appliance and a household appliance having a work surface. The work surface device includes a housing having a cavity accessible by an opening formed...
D705505 Washing machine  
D705507 Panel for washing machine  
D705506 Panel for washing machine  
D705512 Bucket handle  
D705504 Vacuum cleaner  
D705508 Top for an appliance  
D705510 Hamper frame  
D705511 Scraping device  
D705509 Electronic indicator device for cleaning monitoring  
D704911 Squeegee  
D704909 Storage drawer for washing machines  
D704913 Iron  
D704908 Blower  
D704907 Washing machine  
D704912 Ironing board  
D704910 Mop head  
D704405 Bracket  
D704398 Battery driven cleaning machine  
D704403 Sponge  
D704399 Electrically powered steam cleaner  
D704401 Nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D704404 Sponge  
D704400 Robot vacuum cleaner