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D720902 Drum for washing machine  
D720908 Clothes airer  
D720907 Drying rack  
D720906 Cleaning tool  
D720905 Base for a cleaning apparatus  
D720909 Dustpan  
D720903 Duster handle  
D720511 Robot vacuum cleaner  
D720510 Robot vacuum cleaner  
D720509 Disc sprayer for a dishwasher  
D720512 Low profile bucket  
D720106 Dual handle stone grill cleaner  
D720101 Hand-held submersible pool and spa vacuum cleaner  
D720108 Bucket lid  
D720105 Stick mop  
D720102 Hand-held vacuum cleaner  
D720107 Window cleaning appliance  
D720103 Cleaning robot  
D720104 Vacuum cleaner base  
D720109 Dish drainer  
D720100 Dishwasher door and top control panel  
D719358 Head of a cleaning device  
D719357 Soap dispensing dish brush  
D719710 Sponge  
D719709 Stick mop  
D719712 Floor maintenance tool  
D719711 Contoured scrubber  
D719310 Vacuum cleaner head  
D719309 Vacuum cleaner head  
D719307 Blower  
D719312 Cleaning pad  
D719311 Phonograph record cleaner  
D719308 Canister steam cleaner  
D718913 Vacuum cleaner head  
D718914 Vacuum cleaner head  
D718908 Vacuum cleaner  
D718911 Vacuum cleaner  
D718912 Vacuum cleaner  
D718910 Vacuum cleaner  
D718909 Vacuum cleaner  
D718507 Vacuum cleaner  
D718510 Sink cradle  
D718506 Vacuum cleaner  
D718511 Clothes airer  
D718508 Canister for a vacuum cleaner  
D718503 Vacuum cleaner  
D718504 Vacuum cleaner  
D718505 Washing machine  
D718512 Iron  
D718509 Sponge basin with removable cover, perforated submersion plate, exterior holder and drawer