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D740503 Floor cleaning device  
D740509 Paint roller grid with handle  
D740510 Handle for portable container  
D740501 Pressure washer  
D740502 Vacuum cleaner  
D740504 Wet/dry vacuum powerhead  
D739989 Drying rack  
D739987 Surface cleaning device  
D739988 Segmented hamper  
D739624 Breech plug cleaning tool  
D739621 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D739625 Rotatable, dual wiping pad shoe sole wiping system  
D739620 Vacuum cleaner  
D739630 Electric steam iron  
D739627 Bucket handle  
D739628 Shoe drying rack  
D739631 Stand for iron  
D739622 Handle for a vacuum cleaner  
D739629 Iron with steam generator  
D739623 Barrel cleaner  
D739626 Bucket handle  
D739619 Bottle wash feature  
D739618 Dishwasher control panel  
D739102 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D739108 Steam iron  
D739107 Combination bucket and dustpan  
D739103 Pulsator for washing machine  
D739106 Cleaning pad  
D739100 Pressure washer  
D739099 Pressure washer  
D739096 Clothes dryer  
D739097 Drum washing machine  
D739101 Floor cleaning device  
D739105 House rake  
D739104 Portable cleaning unit for a vacuum cleaner  
D739098 Drum dryer  
D739095 Drum type washing machine  
D739094 Lift device for dishwasher baskets  
D738200 One-piece clip  
D738584 Vacuum cleaner  
D738587 Steam generator for iron  
D738583 Surface cleaning head  
D738586 Steam generator for iron  
D738585 Robot  
D738582 Electric washing machine  
D738055 Vacuum cleaner base  
D738054 Cleaner  
D738056 Cleaning sponge  
D738053 Cleaner  
D738052 Cleaner