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D730591 Dishwasher door  
D730601 Door for washing machine  
D730600 Floor cleaning device  
D730002 Device for delivering a washing agent  
D729998 Washing machine  
D729994 Washing machine  
D730001 Vacuum cleaner  
D730004 Glove  
D729993 Media element for a vehicle wash component  
D729996 Washing machine  
D730003 Vacuum cleaner  
D730005 Scraper  
D729992 Dishwasher door  
D730006 Dustpan  
D729995 Washing machine  
D729999 Axial blower  
D730000 Vacuum cleaner  
D729997 Washing machine  
D729470 Vacuum cleaner  
D729484 Paint liner  
D729463 Case for dishwasher  
D729476 Screen cleaner  
D729359 Expandable rack for a sink  
D729471 Vacuum cleaner  
D729481 Bucket  
D729468 High-pressure cleaner  
D729473 Rider area for a floor maintenance vehicle  
D729482 Pedal for a cleaning apparatus  
D729477 Paint container and lid construction  
D729475 Handle for vacuum cleaner  
D729464 Dishwasher door  
D729474 Mounting device for a window cleaning appliance  
D729479 PVC ready bucket  
D729483 Pour spout for a bucket  
D729478 Transformable spin bucket  
9027194 Spatula apparatus  
It is one aspect of the present invention to provide an improved spatula apparatus configured to contact a substantial portion of container sidewalls. Another object of the present invention is to...
D729465 Rotary hub for a vehicle wash component  
D729469 High pressure cleaner  
D729466 Rotary hub for a vehicle wash component  
D729467 Clothes dryer  
D729480 Bucket  
D729472 Rider area for a floor maintenance vehicle  
D728871 Broom  
D728880 Cleaning head holder  
D728881 Integrated cleaner and dispenser  
D728873 Pool cleaner  
D728879 Holder for washing diapers or other materials  
D728875 Vacuum cleaner  
D728885 Adjustable iron  
D728877 Vacuum roller