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D725854 Electric vacuum cleaner  
D725856 Vacuum nozzle with integrated light  
D725846 Sponge for the care and maintenance of animals  
D725851 Tray for dishwasher  
D725855 Upright vacuum cleaner  
D725858 Building block wiper  
D725852 Hand vacuum cleaner  
D725853 Handheld vacuum cleaner  
D725859 Cleaning device  
D725325 Tray for dishwasher  
D725331 Vacuum cleaner  
D725333 Home appliance  
D725326 Handheld floor steamer  
D725328 Vacuum cleaner  
D725335 Sponge  
D725330 Vacuum cleaner  
D725327 Hand vacuum cleaner  
D725246 Sink splash guard  
D725332 Electric vacuum cleaner  
D725329 Upper portion of a vacuum cleaner  
D725334 Sponge  
D724799 Vacuum cleaner  
D724805 Cleaning device  
D724800 Vacuum cleaner  
D724803 Golf bag drier  
D724806 Dielectric holder for an air-lift bucket  
D724802 Fish dryer ball  
D724804 Cleaning device  
D724798 Handheld vacuum cleaner  
D724801 Cleaner  
8973201 Broom assembly  
A broom assembly is provided. The broom assembly includes a broom head which comprises an elongated back plate and a plurality of bristles extending from the back plate. The broom assembly also...
D724286 Cleaning cloth  
8973200 Ergonomic sweeping device  
An ergonomic sweeping device that can be used with one hand while providing a user with proper biomechanical alignment and support, which can reduce muscular strain, fatigue, and the potential for...
D724282 Vacuum cleaner  
D724284 Device for cleaning between car seats  
D724283 Cleaning apparatus  
D724285 Sponge  
D724281 Vacuum cleaner  
8966781 Sports equipment sanitizer system  
An equipment rack system includes a plurality of holders at least including a pair of first holders, a pair of second holders, a pair of third holders, a pair of fourth holders, and a pair of fifth...
D723757 Mop bucket  
D723759 Dish rack  
D723756 Squeegee  
D723761 Sink cradle  
D723754 Home appliance  
D723760 Sink cradle  
D723758 Dual spout mop bucket  
D723755 Floor cleaner  
D723236 Dish rack with utensil holder  
D723229 Vacuum cleaner with camera  
D723235 Paint roller grid