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D712608 Steam cleaning brush  
D712605 Floor cleaning machine  
D712610 Paint brush cleaner  
D712609 Steam cleaning brush  
D712603 Washing and/or drying machine  
D712604 Vacuum cleaner  
D712607 Steam cleaning floor head  
D712606 Vacuum cleaner  
D712102 Carpet cleaning machine  
D712103 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D712108 Iron  
D712104 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D712101 Vacuum cleaner  
D712107 Sauce leveler device  
D712106 Liquid absorbing pad  
D712105 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D712109 Iron  
D711606 Vacuum cleaner  
D711603 Pressure washer  
D711607 Vacuum cleaner  
D711605 Washing machine  
D711604 Vacuum cleaner  
D711609 Dustpan  
D711608 Vacuum attachment for collecting small particles  
D711058 Electrically powered steam cleaner  
D711057 Garden blower  
D711059 Draining mat  
D711056 Garden blower  
D710557 Dishwasher door  
D710559 Vacuum cleaner  
8793892 Individual gear dryer system  
A dryer system for a firefighting ensemble comprising a housing having an air intake port and an air outlet port, a forced air assembly including a heater and a blower accommodated within the...
D710558 Vacuum cleaner  
D710062 Roller shaft for semiconductor cleaning  
D709756 Accessory for air drying golf gloves  
D710061 Dishwasher rack  
D709657 Washing machine  
D709659 Duster with interior sleeve  
8782923 Dryer drum vane and vane set  
A mixing laundry dryer vane has a general profile which is scooped or “saddle” shaped. The mixing dryer vane has two relatively tall end portions and a reduced height central portion. The mix...
D709658 Vacuum cleaner head  
D709263 Bucket  
D709256 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D709255 Self-propelled cleaning device  
D709262 Appliance body  
D709261 Sponge  
D709257 Cleaning head  
D709253 Vacuum cleaner  
D709246 Mitt  
D709259 Appliance head  
D709254 Carpet cleaning spotter  
D709260 Cleaning tool