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D770111 Cleaner  
D770106 Vacuum cleaner  
D770115 Screen wiper  
D770118 Hand-held cleaning utensil coupling  
D769562 Glove support  
D769552 Washing machine  
D769563 Receptacle for debris collection  
D769558 Brush for vacuum cleaner  
D769554 Washing machine  
D769557 Vacuum cleaner  
D769559 Sponge  
D769553 Washing machine  
D769556 Cleaner  
D769561 Bucket  
D769555 Washing machine  
D769560 Window cleaning appliance  
D768942 Family garment sanitizer  
D768947 Foam cleaning sponge  
D768946 Sponge  
D768943 Cleaner  
D768944 Dust collector  
D768948 Window washer  
D768945 Anti-mildew and antiseptic sticker  
D768346 Vacuum cleaner  
D768348 Laundry bag  
D768347 Brush for a vacuum cleaner  
D768345 Vacuum cleaner  
D768344 Vacuum cleaner  
D768343 Vacuum cleaner  
D767842 Glove  
D767835 Door for washing machine  
D767841 Dish drainer  
D767834 Cleaner  
D767840 Polishing pad  
D767838 Vacuum cleaner  
D767836 Washing machine  
D767839 Optical connector cleaner  
D767832 Dishwasher and/or component(s) thereof  
D767837 Washing machine  
D767843 Brush and dustpan  
D767833 Vacuum cleaner  
D767224 Floor cleaner accessory tool  
D767227 Container  
D767220 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D767225 Tool for a vacuum cleaner  
D767221 Washing machine  
D767219 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D767223 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D767222 Stick vacuum chassis  
D767228 Container