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D771331 Computer cleaner  
D771339 Round pail  
D771335 Door for washing machine  
D771329 Washing machine  
D771337 Sand-removing hand mitt  
D771338 Floor squeegee device  
D771330 Washing machine  
D771336 Inner cover for door of washing machine  
D771333 Cleaning robot  
D771341 Paint can drip edge crown  
D771328 Washing machine  
D771332 Cleaning robot  
D771340 Bucket  
D770697 Washing machine  
D770715 Drying mat and tray  
D770710 Laundry ball  
D770702 Washing machine  
D770713 Two head cleaning apparatus  
D770708 Cleaner  
D770705 Washing machine  
D770709 Vacuum cleaner  
D770701 Washing machine  
D770700 Washing machine  
D770706 Washing machine  
D770714 Mop  
D770695 Cleansing station for cleaning rotary atomizers for painting robots  
D770704 Washing machine  
D770711 Head for a vacuum cleaner  
D770698 Washing machine  
D770703 Washing machine  
D770707 Washing machine  
D770696 Dishwasher and/or components thereof  
D770712 Hand-held cleaning utensil  
D770699 Washing machine  
D770108 Vacuum attachment  
D770107 Cleaner  
D770116 Hand-held cleaning utensil  
D770104 Garment steamer  
D770112 Cleaner  
D770110 Head for a vacuum cleaner  
D770117 Hand-held cleaning utensil  
D770113 Pipe for cleaner  
D770102 Laundry appliance  
D770119 Mop  
D770103 Washing machine  
D770109 Vacuum cleaner foot  
D770120 Bucket buoy  
D770114 Brush for cleaning pipes  
D770105 Cleaner  
D769685 Accessory tool