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D801611 Paint roller tray  
D801612 Combination dish drying mat and rack  
D801474 Dispenser for a sanitary appliance  
D801607 Sponge with container for soap  
D800984 Steam iron  
D800974 Dishwasher  
D800975 Dishwasher  
D800983 Lottery ticket scratcher  
D800981 Cleaning device with tail swab  
D800978 Vacuum cleaner  
D800976 Drum-type washing machine  
D800982 Sponge  
D800977 Vacuum cleaner  
D800979 Vacuum separator  
D800980 Vacuum cleaner  
D800401 Roller for substrate cleaning  
D800399 Portable garment drying apparatus  
D800403 Vacuum cleaner  
D800266 Faucet attachment  
D800402 Detergent dispenser for washing machine  
D800404 Cleaning article  
D800398 Dishwasher tub bottom  
D800400 Backpack blower  
D799769 Vacuum cleaner  
D799764 Dishwasher tub bottom  
D799771 Lottery ticket scratcher  
D799762 Sprayer for dishwasher  
D799772 UV steam iron  
D799768 Roller for substrate cleaning  
D799767 Vacuum cleaner  
D799766 Dishwasher tub bottom  
D799763 Dishwasher tub bottom  
D799770 Disposable cleaning glove  
D799765 Dishwasher tub bottom  
D799131 Cleaning glove  
D799133 Dish rack  
D799134 Extendable flatiron  
D799128 Hamper  
D799132 Sponge and squeegee cleaning tool  
D799130 Pad  
D799129 Sponge for substrate cleaning  
D798658 Spherical brewing apparatus  
D798514 Vacuum cleaner  
D798511 Frontload drying appliance  
D798510 Frontload drying appliance  
D798516 Spot washing machine  
D798515 Nozzle for blower  
D798509 Dishwasher window  
D798518 Lottery ticket scratcher  
D798517 Hamper