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D796140 Paint container liner  
D796131 Door for washing machine  
D795517 Cleaning tool  
D795317 Dust collector port  
D795516 Sponge cleaning and disinfecting device  
D795512 Dryer  
D795520 Soap scooper  
D795513 Portable pool cleaner  
D795519 Sink cradle  
D795518 Rotary mop with durable gear drive unit  
D795511 Laundry dryer  
D795515 Fabric care device  
D795514 Head for vacuum cleaner  
D794893 Sink caddy  
D794887 Washing machine  
D794880 Vertical cleaner  
D794885 Dryer  
D794883 Debris capturing net  
D794879 Washing machine  
D794882 Door for washing machine  
D794881 Wet-dry industrial vacuum  
D794886 Washing machine  
D794892 Paint container  
D794891 Pail  
D794889 Cleansing article  
D794890 Handle  
D794884 Laundry knob  
D794888 Handle for cleaner  
D794266 Washing machine  
D794265 Washing machine  
D794267 Drum washing machine  
D794271 Sponge case  
D794264 Dishwasher and/or components thereof  
D794270 Handle for cleaner  
D794268 Vacuum cleaner  
D794269 Washing machine  
D793636 Inner cover for washing machine door  
D793633 Washing machine  
D793641 Surface scraper tool  
D793634 Washing machine  
D793637 Inner cover for washing machine door  
D793639 Cleaning device  
D793640 Cleaning device  
D793635 Floor cleaning machine  
D793638 Cleaning device  
D793632 Full door washing appliance  
D792755 Spout  
D793020 Iron soleplate  
D793018 Iron soleplate  
D793016 Brush cleaning apparatus