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D783912 Cleaner  
D783917 Paint container  
D783916 Sole scraper  
D783915 Cleaning article  
D783910 High-pressure cleaner  
D783913 Sponge cleaning and disinfecting device  
D783911 Vacuum cleaner  
D783215 String mop headband  
D783214 Washing machine  
D783216 Dish rack  
D783213 Washing machine  
D783212 Washing machine  
D782759 Vacuum cleaner housing  
D782763 Textured device for cleaning cosmetic brushes  
D782760 Vacuum cleaner  
D782769 Round pail  
D782757 Enclosed wire brush wheel stud cleaning device  
D782768 Container with integrated handles  
D782765 Cleaning device  
D782764 Textured device for cleaning cosmetic brushes  
D782758 Dust canister  
D782762 Cleaning article  
D782766 Combination snow scraper and ice chopper for rooftops  
D782767 Bucket  
D782761 Intake for cleaner  
D782136 Vacuum cleaner  
D782142 Mop  
D782135 Vacuum cleaner  
D782137 Cleaner  
D782134 Dust canister  
D782138 Reversible wearable cosmetic brush cleaning device  
D782141 Mop  
D782140 Sweeper head  
D782139 Cleaning pad  
D781516 Cleaner  
D781513 Vacuum cleaner  
D781511 High-pressure cleaner  
D781514 Vacuum cleaner nozzle hood  
D781509 Digital ultrasonic cleaner (CD-4862)  
D781512 Robot  
D781518 Combination dish drying mat and rack  
D781510 Washing machine  
D781515 Head for a vacuum cleaner  
D781517 All-in-one cleaning tool  
D781003 Ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning workpiece surface  
D781015 Intake for cleaner  
D781011 Vacuum cleaner  
D781016 Intake for cleaner  
D781019 Washboard for a washer  
D781013 Vacuum cleaner head cover