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D786517 Cleaner  
D785886 Collapsible canvas laundry hamper  
D785877 Cleaner  
D785885 Collapsible canvas laundry hamper  
D785890 Washboard for washing machine  
D785883 Brush for a vacuum cleaner  
D785881 Washing machine  
D785887 Flexible reusable bucket cover  
D785884 Cleaning attachment  
D785889 Paint grid  
D785876 Washing machine  
D785882 Washing machine  
D785880 Washing machine  
D785888 Paint pan and insert  
D785338 Automotive snow brush with squeegee  
D785879 Vacuum cleaner  
D785878 Vacuum cleaner  
D785339 Hand applicator buffing pad  
D785264 Vacuum cleaner  
D785257 Washing machine  
D785261 Robot cleaner  
D785260 Pool cleaner  
D785256 Washing machine  
D785266 Scrapper knife  
D785268 Liner  
D785262 Robot cleaner  
D785263 Vacuum cleaner  
D785253 Cylindrical dishwasher with dome top  
D785254 Floor cleaning machine  
D785258 Vacuum cleaner body  
D785259 Robot cleaner  
D785267 Flexible reusable bucket cover  
D785265 Floor cleaner  
D785255 Wall mounted vacuum cleaner  
D784633 Light for dishwasher  
D784634 Vacuum cleaner  
D784637 Drawer of washing machine  
D784638 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D784639 Cyclone bin assembly for a vacuum cleaner  
D784635 Rechargeable push rod cleaner  
D784645 Bucket liner  
D784643 Vacuum cleaner  
D784641 Vacuum cleaner  
D784640 Robot  
D784646 Dust pan  
D784642 Vacuum cleaner  
D784636 Vacuum cleaner  
D784644 Hand held sponge handle  
D783918 Sock form  
D783914 Cleaning device with name plate