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D803491 Dishwasher handle  
D803497 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D803494 Head for vacuum cleaner  
D803502 Irons  
D803492 Vacuum cleaner  
D803501 Sink cradle  
D803499 Toilet cleaning device  
D803500 Frame assembly for a paint bucket insert  
D802857 Dishwasher  
D802863 Handle for cleaner  
D802858 Dishwasher  
D802861 Vacuum cleaners  
D802859 Car-wash device for over-sized vehicles  
D802862 Handle for cleaner  
D802860 Cleaner  
D802237 Cosmetic brush cleaner  
D802232 Toilet plunger  
D802235 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D802087 Dispenser for a sanitary appliance  
D802088 Dispenser for a sanitary appliance  
D802234 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D802238 Grill scraper  
D802233 Handle for cleaner  
D802236 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D802231 Knife holder for dishwasher  
D802086 Dispenser for a sanitary appliance  
D802102 Hose fitting  
D802230 Dishwasher  
D801791 Implement handle connector bracket  
D801603 Container for clothes washing machine  
D801609 Water dumping container  
D801613 Drying rack  
D801604 Dehumidifying sterilizing and deodorizing machine forgarments  
D801610 Paint container  
D801600 Dishwasher  
D801608 Dusting device  
D801606 Accessory tool for a floor care appliance  
D801605 Cleaner  
D801602 Drum-type washing machine  
D801601 Door for dishwasher  
D801611 Paint roller tray  
D801612 Combination dish drying mat and rack  
D801474 Dispenser for a sanitary appliance  
D801607 Sponge with container for soap  
D800984 Steam iron  
D800974 Dishwasher  
D800975 Dishwasher  
D800983 Lottery ticket scratcher  
D800981 Cleaning device with tail swab  
D800978 Vacuum cleaner