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D808096 Robot cleaner  
D808091 Ultrasonic cleaner  
D808097 Vacuum cleaner body  
D807730 Conduit dredge  
D807604 Foldable carry case  
D807601 Vacuum cleaner  
D807598 Vacuum cleaner  
D807600 Vacuum cleaner  
D807597 Dart having blades for cleaning tubes  
D807603 Nozzle for a vacuum cleaner  
D807606 Washboard for washing machine  
D807599 Robot cleaner  
D807602 Handle for vacuum cleaner  
D807605 Dish and pot scrubber  
D807596 Dart for cleaning tubes  
D806963 Extension hose for vacuum cleaner  
D806962 Vacuum cleaner  
D806960 Dishwasher  
D806961 Vacuum cleaner  
D806965 Brush for vacuum cleaner  
D806973 Dish cloth holder  
D806967 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D806968 Knob for vacuum cleaner  
D806966 Vacuum cleaner head for wet floorcloth  
D806971 Vacuum cleaner  
D806972 Bucket and liner combination  
D806964 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D806969 Swimming pool vacuum  
D806970 Gun cleaning brush  
D806333 Steam cleaning accessory  
D806330 Backpack blower  
D806337 Clip for a cleaning tool  
D806336 Caddy for a cleaning appliance  
D806331 Hand-held vacuum cleaner  
D806335 Washing machine  
D806332 Vacuum cleaner  
D806338 Spray mop  
D806334 Laundry device  
D806329 Washing machine  
D805702 Dehumidifying sterilizing and deodorizing machine for garments  
D805704 Head for vacuum cleaner  
D805703 Door for drum washing machine  
D805612 Hose fitting  
D805266 Dust collector  
D805267 Water heater clean-out device  
D804925 Buffing pad  
D805268 Sponge for substrate cleaning  
D804923 Buffing pad  
D804267 Buffing pad  
D804755 Brush for vacuum cleaner