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D782139 Cleaning pad  
D781516 Cleaner  
D781513 Vacuum cleaner  
D781511 High-pressure cleaner  
D781514 Vacuum cleaner nozzle hood  
D781509 Digital ultrasonic cleaner (CD-4862)  
D781512 Robot  
D781518 Combination dish drying mat and rack  
D781510 Washing machine  
D781515 Head for a vacuum cleaner  
D781517 All-in-one cleaning tool  
D781003 Ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning workpiece surface  
D781015 Intake for cleaner  
D781011 Vacuum cleaner  
D781016 Intake for cleaner  
D781019 Washboard for a washer  
D781013 Vacuum cleaner head cover  
D781018 Drying mat  
D781017 Laundry retaining device  
D781014 Surface cleaner base  
D781006 Washing machine  
D780999 Shower wall mounted back and body washer  
D781009 High-pressure cleaner  
D781008 Polisher  
D781005 Washing machine  
D781004 Washing machine  
D781010 High-pressure cleaner  
D781007 Washing machine  
D781012 Cleaner  
D780393 Vacuum cleaner base  
D780394 Handle for vacuum cleaner  
D780388 Controller for an autonomous coverage vacuum cleaner  
D780391 Dust canister for vacuum cleaner  
D780392 Accessory tool for a floor care appliance  
D780386 Washing machine  
D780390 Handle for a surface-treatment apparatus  
D780389 Vacuum cleaner  
D780387 Vacuum cleaner  
D779757 Cleaning tool  
D779750 Robot cleaner  
D779745 Gas powered pressure washer  
D779752 Vacuum cleaner head  
D779756 Cleaning pad  
D779747 Vacuum cleaner  
D779758 Dust pan  
D779749 Vacuum cleaner  
D779753 Accessory tool for a floor care appliance  
D779748 Vacuum cleaner  
D779744 Gas powered pressure washer  
D779755 Floor care tool handle