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D819418 Electric polisher  
D819907 Mop head  
D819902 Decontamination cart  
D819905 Grout cleaning mop  
D819910 Utility wrap  
D819909 Bucket container with handle  
D819284 Door for drum washing machine  
D819285 Handle for vacuum cleaner  
D818950 Charging station for a robotic vacuum  
D819282 Vacuum cleaner  
D819288 Utility wrap  
D819283 Displaceable manifold for a chemical jug washer  
D819287 Large surface ice breaker and protective shield  
D819290 Loose material collection device  
D819169 Blower spray nozzle  
D819281 Washing machine  
D819286 Handle for vacuum cleaner  
D819289 Dish rack  
D818659 Liner for a bucket  
D818658 Combined brush cleaner and dryer set  
D818660 Utility wrap  
D818657 Vacuum cleaner  
D818656 Dishwasher bar handle  
D818662 Inclined dish rack  
D818661 Utility wrap  
D818217 Laundry washing module  
D818224 Vacuum cleaner  
D818236 Drying rack  
D818220 Washing machine  
D818230 Surface cleaner base  
D818225 Robot cleaner  
D818222 Vacuum cleaner  
D818226 Robot vacuum cleaner  
D818234 Mop bucket  
D818233 Floor cleaner  
D818218 Washing machine  
D818221 Washing machine  
D818228 Dust container for vacuum cleaner  
D818216 Washing machine equipped with faucet and washbasin  
D818235 Mop wringer  
D818227 Vacuum cleaner body  
D818219 Frontload drying appliance  
D818231 Window cleaning appliance  
D818223 Vacuum cleaner  
D818229 Dosage container for adding detergent  
D818232 Tire scraper  
D817572 Gutter cleaning rake  
D817571 Brush cleaner  
D817566 Washing machine  
D817564 Washing machine