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D792045 Sand sifter  
D792044 Pole grip  
D792037 Dust collector  
D791423 Combination tool  
D791418 Dishwasher door  
D791422 Multi-layered cleaning mitt  
D791419 Washing machine  
D791420 Electric vacuum cleaner  
D791421 Surface cleaner upright portion  
D790784 Automatic pool cleaner  
D790785 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D790783 Vacuum cleaner  
D790790 Paint tray  
D790787 Pool cleaner  
D790786 Portable pool cleaner  
D790789 Squeegee  
D790788 Textured device for cleaning cosmetic brushes  
D790791 Bucket ring mount  
D790782 Portable pool cleaner  
D790142 Vacuum cleaner upright portion  
D790144 Surf gear organizer  
D790143 Wetsuit drying apparatus  
D790141 Robot  
D789626 Vacuum cleaner  
D789632 Surface-treatment apparatus  
D789634 Vacuum assist scraper tool  
D789635 Dual cleaning pad with telescopic handle  
D789639 Handles for bucket container  
D789623 Washing machine  
D789633 Electric vacuum cleaner  
D789630 Drum lifter for drum washing machine  
D789624 Pool cleaner  
D789628 Door for washing machine  
D789627 Vacuum cleaner  
D789625 Vacuum cleaner  
D789638 Bucket  
D789631 Washing machine  
D789629 Inner cover for washing machine door  
D789640 Torsion wringer  
D789637 Broom handle  
D789636 End caps for mop stick  
D789007 Intake for cleaner  
D789010 Ironing apparatus  
D789006 Vacuum cleaner  
D789005 Inner cover for washing machine door  
D789008 Stick for cleaning the lip of a paint can  
D789009 Tool bracket  
D789004 Floor cleaning machine  
D789003 Pool cleaner  
D788552 Combination shovel and broom