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D831286 Vacuum base  
D831285 Detergent container for washing machine  
D831287 Cleaning tool  
D830658 Shoe tree for drying shoes  
D830650 Washing machine  
D830655 Vacuum cleaner  
D830652 Washing machine with a graphical user interface  
D830654 Container for clothes washing machine  
D830651 Vacuum cleaner  
D830657 Combination drying mat and rack  
D830653 Washing machine  
D830656 Mop bucket  
D830024 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D830027 Brush cleaning pad  
D830023 Vacuum attachment  
D830015 Electric vacuum cleaner  
D830025 Cosmetic brush cleaning mat  
D830017 Vacuum cleaner  
D830012 Pool skimmer mounting wall insert  
D830018 Door for washing machine  
D830021 Detergent container for washing machine  
D830019 Washing machine  
D830011 Vehicle washing installation  
D830028 Barbecue grill scraping device  
D830013 Vacuum cleaner  
D830020 Washing machine  
D830016 Vacuum cleaner  
D830022 Detergent inlet for washing machine  
D830026 Window cleaning appliance  
D830014 Electric vacuum cleaner  
D829394 Body for vacuum cleaner  
D829393 Vacuum cleaner  
D829396 Changing holder for vacuum cleaner  
D829398 Mop head  
D829397 Pulsator for washing machine  
D829395 Body for vacuum cleaner  
D829391 Dishwasher and/or components thereof  
D829392 Blower  
D828968 Head for an electric vacuum cleaner  
D828966 Washing machine  
D828969 Dish cleaner with suction cup  
D828967 Pool cleaner  
D828668 Push broom  
D828659 Backpack vacuum cleaner  
D828665 Window cleaning appliance  
D828656 Clothes care machine  
D828661 Detergent container for washing machine  
D828664 Handle for an electric vacuum cleaner  
D828658 Toilet plunger with handle  
D828660 Robot vacuum cleaner