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D776378 Floor cleaning roller core  
D776384 T shaped razor blade  
D776373 Washing machine  
D776389 Washboard for washing machine  
D776388 Collapsible ironing board leg structure  
D776379 Vacuum cleaner  
D776375 Vacuum cleaner  
D776382 Cleaning tool  
D776387 Dish rack  
D776380 Brush for vacuum cleaner  
D776385 Drying rack  
D776377 Washing machine tub  
D776381 Portion of a floor steam cleaning device  
D776383 Hydraulic fluid drying device  
D776372 Dishwasher tub bottom  
D776374 Washing machine  
D775771 Washing machine  
D775772 Cleaner  
D775770 Dishwasher  
D775773 Cleaning article  
D775438 Washing machine  
D775445 Fabric care device  
D775441 Door for washing machine  
D775440 Cleaner  
D775443 Brush for cleaner  
D775442 Cleaner  
D775437 Washing machine  
D775439 Vacuum cleaner  
D775444 Cleaner  
D774717 Robot cleaner  
D774719 Combination drying mat and rack  
D774712 Wine glass hanger  
D774715 Washing machine  
D774718 Washing machine tub  
D774711 Wine glass hanger  
D774714 Washing machine  
D774716 Washing machine  
D774713 Topload washing appliance  
D774265 Cleaning article  
D774268 Glove support  
D774266 Cleaning cloth  
D773828 Toilet cleaning implement  
D774259 Dust canister for cleaner  
D774258 Cleaner  
D774261 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D774263 Floor cleaning roller core  
D774267 Broom housing assembly  
D774260 Floor steam cleaning device  
D774262 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D774264 Floor cleaner apparatus