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D779141 Cleaning cloth  
D779138 Machine for cleaning floors  
D779137 Cosmetic brush cleaning apparatus  
D779143 Window scraper  
D779142 Cleaning cloth  
D779140 Brush cleansing mitt  
D778517 Vacuum cleaner nozzle hood  
D778512 Dishwasher and/or component(s) thereof  
D778513 Dishwasher and/or components thereof  
D778516 Washing machine  
D778519 Container with integrated handles  
D778518 Intake for cleaner  
D778515 Robot cleaner  
D778514 Robot cleaner  
D778020 Cleaning article  
D778008 Dishwasher door  
D778014 Washing machine  
D778009 Dishwasher door handle  
D778012 Cleaner  
D778004 Ultrasonic cleaner  
D778007 Dishwasher control panel  
D778016 Vacuum cleaner tank  
D778018 Brush for vacuum cleaner  
D778019 Cleaning article  
D778017 Intake for robot cleaner  
D778013 Vacuum cleaner  
D778015 Vacuum cleaner upright portion  
D778011 Pressure washer  
D778006 Dishwasher and/or component(s) thereof  
D778005 Ultrasonic cleaner  
D778010 Dryer  
D777391 Cleaning article  
D777393 Handle for cleaning device  
D777388 Finishing pad  
D777389 Cleaning tool  
D777387 Cyclone cone barrel  
D777390 Cleaning article  
D777009 Door handle for washing machine  
D777386 Door for a laundry appliance  
D777392 Hand held cleaning sponge handle  
D776703 Dishwasher with graphical user interface  
D776885 Shoe dryer  
D776886 Dryer  
D776887 Steambrush  
D776888 Portion of a vacuum cleaner  
D776890 Hand held sponge handle  
D776891 Spin mop head  
D776889 Brush for vacuum cleaner  
D776386 Combination drying mat and rack  
D776376 Door of washing and/or drying machine