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D798511 Frontload drying appliance  
D798510 Frontload drying appliance  
D798516 Spot washing machine  
D798515 Nozzle for blower  
D798509 Dishwasher window  
D798518 Lottery ticket scratcher  
D798517 Hamper  
D798513 Cordless blower  
D798512 Novelty plunger  
D798519 Broom block  
D798007 Robot cleaner  
D798005 Frontload drying appliance  
D798013 Cleaning tool  
D798006 Washing machine  
D798014 Paint can drip edge crown  
D798009 Vacuum cleaner  
D798004 Frontload washing/drying appliance  
D798010 Vacuum cleaner  
D798008 Steamer base  
D798011 Vacuum tool  
D798012 Male connector  
D797388 Detergent container for washing machine  
D797392 Insulated bucket cover  
D797391 Ice scraper with opening for removable light source  
D797387 Topload washing appliance  
D797389 Detergent container for washing machine  
D797390 Cleaning article  
D796753 Dry cleaning equipment  
D796751 Display for dishwasher  
D796752 Frontload washing/drying appliance  
D796756 Steam apparatus  
D796762 Sanitizing wipe with attached glove  
D796763 Rinse basket  
D796764 Iron  
D796749 Ultrasonic cleaner  
D796760 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D796761 Swimming pool vacuum  
D796755 Caddy with pod  
D796757 Robot  
D796754 Blower  
D796759 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D796750 Dishwasher rack  
D796758 Brush for pool cleaner  
D796127 Toilet plunger  
D796130 Door for washing machine  
D795694 Handle cap  
D796133 Swimming pool telescoping pole  
D796132 Joint pipe for vacuum cleaner  
D796128 Floating debris skimming device  
D796129 Vacuum cleaner