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D840174 Mat  
D840172 Sponge  
D840202 Window de-icer  
D840627 Dustpan  
D840618 Robot for cleaning  
D840625 Hard surface cleaning device  
D840623 Dust mop  
D840615 Handheld vacuum cleaner  
D840125 Combination mop and broom  
D840122 Dry mop pad  
D840123 Floor wiper device for solid and liquid waste  
D840117 Dishwasher water softener cap  
D840124 Ice scraper  
D840119 Small craft anchor winch  
D840121 Pet hair remover  
D840118 Pipe dredge  
D840120 Medium craft anchor winch  
D839519 Nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D839510 Vacuum cleaner body  
D839521 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D839504 Washing machine  
D839509 Vacuum cleaner body  
D839506 Washing machine  
D839511 Robot vacuum cleaner  
D839502 Dishwasher  
D839515 Door for clothing care machine  
D839513 Washing machine  
D839505 Washing machine  
D839524 Clothes dryer  
D839501 Dishwasher  
D839503 Washing machine  
D839517 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D839520 Part of a vacuum cleaner  
D839522 Cleaning kit for cosmetic brush  
D839514 Detergent inlet for washing machine  
D839512 Pressure washer  
D839523 Hamper  
D839507 Handle for conduit dredge  
D839516 Laundry sink  
D839518 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D839508 Water removal apparatus  
D838925 Blower  
D838928 Laundry basket  
D838926 Pressure washer  
D838927 Handle bar for conduit dredge  
D838493 Snow brush  
D838924 Handle tray for fascia panel of an appliance  
D838425 Iron  
D838419 Washing machine  
D838422 Sponge with suction cup