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D821038 Pet kennel furniture  
D821042 Litter pan  
D821041 Pet toy  
D821040 Pet toy  
D821039 Pet food bowl  
D820530 Pet bowl with rainbow trout surface pattern  
D820535 Pet bowl holder  
D820537 Stirrup  
D820525 Split-type fish tank  
D820534 Pet water fountain  
D820533 Pet water fountain  
D820532 Pet bowl with brown trout surface pattern  
D820529 Pet bowl with mallard surface pattern  
D820527 Dog bed  
D820531 Pet bowl with brook trout surface pattern  
D820528 Pet dish with paw prints  
D820536 Pet feeder  
D820526 Transparent kennel  
D820538 Pet ring  
D819900 Litter box  
D819899 Dog chew toy  
D819901 Tray for applying particles to the pad of a paw of a pet  
D819896 Aves cafe  
D819898 Orb pet water fountain  
D819895 Wearable hummingbird feeder ring  
D819897 Horse bucket and lid  
D819278 Pet feeding bowl  
D819280 Receiver for dog training collar  
D819279 Dog chew toy  
D818652 Pet bed  
D818654 Pet bed  
D818653 Pet bed  
D818651 Animal housing unit  
D818655 Saddle pad  
D818208 Saddle  
D818204 Pet carrier  
D818206 Olfactory mat structure for an olfactory mat for domestic animals  
D818207 Pet water receptacle  
D818210 Leg cover for horses  
D818211 Animal toy  
D818213 Cat climbing tower with rope toy  
D818209 Saddle  
D818215 Milking machine  
D818205 Dog bed  
D818214 Holder for pet chew toy  
D818212 Dog chew toy  
D816941 Animal bathing and grooming glove  
D817556 Birdfeeder  
D817562 Pet toy  
D817558 Collar attachment