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D812823 Animal toy  
D812821 Bird feeder  
D812820 Treat dispenser  
D812499 Pet monitoring device  
D812501 Pet monitoring base station  
D812822 Pet toy  
D812819 Box for the examination of honeybees  
D812824 Toy for animals  
D812317 Automated feeder apparatus  
D812315 Honeycomb frame  
D812318 Weighted base for animal tethering  
D812322 Dog toy  
D812316 Pet food dispenser  
D812321 Animal toy  
D812319 Pet grooming comb  
D812320 Pet toy with treat dispenser  
D811666 Bowl holder  
D811668 Animal door guard  
D811667 Litter scoop  
D811669 Pet toy marinator  
D811023 Feces disposal bag holder  
D811017 Cat scratcher  
D811018 Pet toy  
D811015 Pair of boots for pet  
D811016 Pet training receiver  
D811020 Pet toy  
D811014 Birdfeeder  
D811021 Pet litter scoop  
D811013 Birdfeeder  
D811022 Pet litter scoop  
D811019 Toy for animals  
D810365 Pet toy  
D810364 Pet toy  
D810366 Device for removing animal excrements  
D809845 Water dispensing system  
D810363 Pet leash sliding tie-off  
D809717 Solar birdfeeder  
D809718 Dog collar  
D809715 Pet bed  
D809716 Shelf for an animal accommodation module  
D809215 Creature-shaped aquarium  
D809216 Animal bed  
D809219 Tug-toy tooth brush  
D809218 Pet toy  
D809217 Flea comb  
D809212 Leaning heart-shaped aquarium  
D809213 Upright heart-shaped aquarium  
D809211 Pineapple-shaped aquarium  
D809214 Creature-shaped aquarium  
D808597 Litter container