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D776369 Horseshoe  
D776366 Organism immobilization apparatus  
D776371 Small pet toy ball  
D776367 Animal carrying apparatus  
D775768 Fish tank  
D775769 Animal interaction device  
D775435 Feeder  
D775436 Portion of a litter scoop  
D775434 Fish tank  
D774710 Dog toy  
D774705 Pet bed  
D774709 Feline play structure  
D774708 Feline play structure  
D774707 Feline play structure  
D774706 Post-operative protection garment for dogs  
D773750 Pet play pad  
D773749 Sleeping basket for a domestic animal  
D773012 Tank base  
D773127 Cat feeder  
D773122 Fish tank  
D773126 Collapsible feeder  
D773124 Fish tank  
D773125 Sleeping basket for a domestic animal  
D773123 Fish tank  
D772494 Pet feeder tilted table  
D772487 Animal shield  
D772493 Cat food bowl  
D771879 Equine protective boot  
D771880 Horseshoe with clips  
D771878 Intelligent antibacterial bowl  
D771327 Handheld control unit for electronic remote training collar system  
D771325 Lizard rope pet toy  
D771324 Retractable pet leash  
D771323 Pet leash pouch set  
D771326 Pet toy  
D770694 Pet wash enclosure  
D770693 Retractable pet leash  
D770692 Combined swing door and door frame of an animal enclosure  
D770100 Dog watering device  
D770099 Elevated cat bowl  
D770101 Part of milking machine  
D769138 Electronic device  
D769548 Drinking bowl with bottle  
D769551 Artificial inseminator  
D769547 Drinking bowl  
D769549 Protective fly mask for horses  
D769546 Pet feeder mat  
D769544 Animal habitat  
D769545 Animal habitat  
D769550 Dog shower