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D816941 Animal bathing and grooming glove  
D817556 Birdfeeder  
D817562 Pet toy  
D817558 Collar attachment  
D817559 Collar attachment  
D817555 Hopper  
D817557 Pet training receiver  
D817560 Animal grooming tool with wave pattern blade teeth  
D817561 Dog chew toy  
D816916 Industrial beverage model for animals  
D816922 Cat scratcher  
D816917 Collar attachment  
D816918 Receiver for dog training collar  
D816921 Cat scratching post  
D816919 Service dog vest  
D816920 Service dog vest  
D816281 Litter box  
D816280 Rocket dog toy  
D816279 Pet bowl with wood duck surface pattern  
D816278 Collapsible dog bowl  
D815781 Pet waste carrier  
D815780 Dog chew toy  
D815779 Poultry feeder  
D815782 Litter scoop  
D815369 Rope snake pet toy with fabric head  
D815371 Combination pet toy and feeder  
D815367 Racing pigeon foot ring  
D815372 Handheld transmitter for a pet trainer  
D815365 Sleeping basket for domestic animals  
D815370 Pet toy  
D815364 Pet bed furniture  
D815366 Racing pigeon foot ring  
D815368 Glove for massaging pets  
D815363 Night light aquarium  
D814709 Elongated aquarium  
D814715 Poultry nourishment device  
D814718 Coat for an animal  
D814581 Sport ball holder  
D814719 Incubator for animal  
D814710 Shark-shaped aquarium  
D814712 Arcuate aquarium  
D814716 Bowl of prey pet food dish  
D814717 Life jacket for an animal  
D814711 Unfiltered aquarium  
D814714 Food dispenser  
D814713 Pet house  
D814125 Horse bit  
D814121 Pet house  
D814124 Programmable pet feeder  
D814123 Inverse animal feeder