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D795505 Fish tank  
D795507 Fish tank  
D794874 Piping enclosure unit of an aquarium  
D794877 Animal leash  
D794876 Animal leash  
D794875 Bowl  
D794878 Automated ball-throwing apparatus  
D794258 Combined drop door and door frame of an animal enclosure  
D794260 Pet feeder  
D794259 Bird feeder  
D794263 Pet tunnel  
D794262 Animal head rope pet toy  
D794261 Electronic dog collar  
D793629 Hat pet bed  
D793630 Pet feeding device  
D793631 Weighted animal vest  
D793628 Chicken coop  
D793627 Animal accommodation module  
D793011 Feeder especially for calves  
D792658 Fish tank  
D792655 Fish tank  
D792659 T-bar strap mounted calf feeder  
D792657 Fish tank  
D792656 Fish tank  
D792661 Foldable animal sustenance receptacle  
D792662 Pet dryer  
D792660 Folding animal sustenance receptacle  
D792034 Brush for animals  
D792033 Feeder for animals  
D791991 LED harness  
D792032 Circular hilt calf feeder  
D792031 Dog bed  
D792030 Fish tank  
D791413 Horse feeder  
D791412 Animal rearing enclosure  
D791411 Animal housing unit  
D791415 Stirrup  
D791417 Poop catcher  
D791416 Animal muzzle  
D791414 Bird feeder assembly kit  
D790781 Grooming tool  
D790777 Nectar bird feeder  
D790779 Buckle for pet collar  
D790780 Combination collar and leash for animals  
D790776 Component for artificial honeycomb  
D790778 Ported bird feeder  
D790140 Concave blade grooming tool  
D790137 Beehive stand  
D790139 Convex blade grooming tool  
D790138 Pet feeding device