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D801598 Pet grooming device  
D800971 Front closure for a horse blanket  
D800972 Amusing and resting tower piece for pets  
D800973 Pet step  
D800970 Poultry container floor with waste apertures  
D800969 Accessory mounting ledge for animal enclosure  
D800394 Transport containers for animals  
D800393 Pet tunnel house structure  
D800396 Adjustable height pet feeder  
D799834 Bag scooper  
D800397 Enclosure  
D800395 Pet pillow  
D799759 Litter mat  
D799761 Pet tag slip case  
D799758 Pet collar  
D799756 Glass nourishment device  
D799757 Canine knee brace  
D799760 Pet litter scoop  
D799124 Hoof cover  
D799127 Litter scooper  
D799123 Ornament for aquarium  
D799125 Animal identification band  
D799126 Pet paw washer  
D798417 Tank base  
D798508 Dog harness  
D798507 Cage  
D798003 Stop barking device with remote control  
D798000 Pet-grooming brush  
D798002 Pet excrement picker  
D798001 Mobile animal waste collection station  
D797400 Belt  
D797384 Pair of tethered animal foot covers  
D797382 Bottle assembly  
D797386 Cat litter scoop  
D797385 Fetching device for pets  
D797381 Aquarium overflow assembly  
D797383 Elevated pet feeder  
D797193 Snap on identification tag  
D796748 Pet toilet  
D796123 Protective sleeve for animals  
D796125 Pet toy  
D796126 Pet excrement bag holder  
D796124 Pet leash  
D796122 Fish tank  
D795508 Therapeutic animal jacket  
D795504 Fish tank  
D795510 Animal waste collecting tool  
D795503 Fish tank  
D795509 Device to accommodate animal excrement  
D795506 Fish tank