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D825115 Feeder and waterer for animals  
D825116 Pet toy  
D824604 Pet leash  
D824603 Avian feeder  
D824602 Animal feed tub and cover  
D824117 Pad for an animal enclosure  
D824120 Dog trainer  
D824114 Pad for an animal enclosure  
D824119 Feeder  
D824118 Pet feeding device  
D824115 Pad for an animal enclosure  
D824116 Pad for an animal enclosure  
D823550 Cylindrical aquarium  
D823552 Pet shelter  
D823551 Piano-shaped animal tank  
D823554 Showpad for a horse  
D823558 Pet harness  
D823559 Combination leash handle and ID tag  
D823557 Pet monitoring device holder  
D823555 Horse shoe  
D823556 X-strap dog harness  
D823553 Pet bowl  
D822917 Animal toy  
D822916 Combination leash handle and ID tag  
D822921 Bark control  
D822920 Pet toy  
D822534 Terrarium  
D822516 Controller for electronic fence  
D822910 Animal bed  
D822919 Pet toy  
D822911 Dog mattress  
D822922 Bark control  
D822918 Pet toy  
D822912 Animal enclosure cover  
D822915 Wearable pet monitor  
D822913 Automatic pet water fountain  
D822914 Pet feeder in S-shape  
D822292 Pet automatic feeder  
D822293 Cat scratcher  
D822296 Pet toy  
D822291 Pet cage  
D822295 Pet toy  
D822294 Toy for dogs and other animals  
D822290 House for pets  
D821665 Livestock vaccination cooler  
D821658 Animal feed tub cover  
D821657 Pet booster seat  
D821664 Litter box scratch guard  
D821659 Birdfeeder  
D821663 Scratching post for cats