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D763520 Waste collection device  
D762926 Dog harness  
D762928 Pet toy  
D762927 Forearm pet leash  
D762929 Bag holder with handle for collecting dog excrement  
D762420 Bowl  
D762332 Pet carrier vent panel  
D762042 Animal chew  
D762333 Electronic module for a dog collar  
D762013 Container for breeding small animals  
D762017 Functional pet feeder insert  
D762018 Dog leash housing with flashlight and container  
D762014 Pet carrier vent panel  
D762016 Deer feeder  
D762015 Animal treat dispensing container  
D761496 Knotted rope pet toy  
D761497 Floppy owl  
D761493 Pet food storage device  
D761495 Pet collar with a detachable portion  
D761499 Electronic dog collar  
D761494 Combined pet food bowl and water bowl with elevated base  
D761498 Bag holder with handle for collecting dog excrement  
D760963 Poultry feeder  
D760965 Pet waste scoop assembly  
D760964 Pet toy  
D760449 Expandable pouch combined with dog leash  
D759969 Tennis ball holder for use with dog collar  
D760450 Composite rope and elastomer tube pet toy  
D760448 Harness for animals  
D760446 Convertible animal carrier  
D760451 Pet toy  
D760030 Pedestal bowl  
D760447 Animal enclosure  
D760445 Convertible animal habitat  
D759903 Gazebo for pets  
D759908 Handheld transmitter  
D759904 Animal bed  
D759907 Combination dog play and restraint unit  
D759905 In-home pet feeding and monitoring system  
D759906 Pet harness  
D759321 Pet collar  
D759322 Dog toy  
D759320 Suit for an animal  
D759323 Litter box with an integrated sifter  
D759324 Electronic dog collar  
D759319 Pet carrier bag  
D758672 Pet bed  
D758671 Incubator and brooder for chicks  
D758677 Reuseable pet cooling collar  
D758678 Cat toy