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D748349 Automated ball-throwing apparatus  
D748350 Electronic dog collar  
D747834 Braided rope and ball pet toy  
D747832 Bone-shaped chew toy  
D747833 Laser toy for pets  
D747564 Fly bonnet ear liners  
D747562 Wildlife feeder legs  
RE45837 Screw-on ant moat for a bird feeder  
D747565 Pet disco ball toy  
D747566 Electronic dog collar  
D747563 Resistant training device for quadrupeds and equines  
D747047 Automatic pet feeding system  
D747048 Post-surgical pet garment  
D747049 Bird protector  
D746519 Equine boot ridged orthotic pad  
D746520 Applicator  
D746002 Pet toy  
D746001 Collapsible panel dog crate  
D745747 L-shaped beam with surface texture for use in a fish habitat  
D745748 Animal alert vest  
D745749 Litter mat for cat  
D745226 Laboratory fish tank  
D745227 Bird feeder  
D745229 Electronic module for a dog collar  
D745228 Dog bowl  
D744703 Medical pet shirt  
D744701 Nest cover  
D744700 Clam planter  
D744263 Blanket with pet pocket  
D744702 Bird feeder hood  
D744174 Elevated dog bowl  
D744172 Seed reservoir bottle for a wild bird feeder  
D744175 Triple knotted braided rope pet toy  
D744173 Elevated pet bowl  
D743640 Quadruple knotted braided rope pet toy  
D743639 Center knotted braided rope pet toy  
D743637 Equine ice boot  
D743641 Litter box  
D743636 Ant moat for a bird feeder  
D743635 Fish tank  
D743638 Double knotted braided rope pet toy  
D743117 Pet toilet  
D743115 Combined triple knotted braided rope and ball pet toy  
D743114 Animal neck covering  
D743116 Quintuple knotted braided rope pet toy  
D742817 Electronic device  
D743113 Pet feeder  
D742601 Pet treat dispenser  
D742077 Home for pets  
D742079 L-shaped stair unit