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D838918 Helmet  
D838922 Football helmet  
D838921 Impact absorbing protective apparatus for a helmet  
D838919 Golf glove  
D838920 Laced handle holder  
D838836 Exercise mask  
D838914 Ballistic plate insert for armor plate carrier  
D838916 Pad-lock buckle for a shoulder pad  
D838915 Pad-lock buckle housing unit for a shoulder pad  
D838415 Protective glove  
D838413 Protective helmet  
D838414 Golf glove  
D838412 Toddler safety harness  
D838050 Protective helmet  
D837482 Glove with enhanced grip  
D838054 Medical knee walker pad  
D838049 Segmented tape for ornamenting clothing  
D838051 Mouthguard  
D838053 Glove  
D838052 Boxing glove  
D837459 Kneepad  
D837454 Vest  
D837461 Belt for welding helmet  
D837455 Protective liner for a cap  
D837460 Kneepad  
D837456 Adjustable mask  
D837458 Glove for industrial operators  
D837457 Hand guard  
D836846 Bicycle helmet  
D836845 Helmet  
D836847 Auto darkening filter for a welding helmet  
D836289 Hand apparel  
D836252 Helmet  
D836255 Protective glove cuff  
D836251 Cover for neck  
D836254 Helmet  
D836253 Football helmet shell  
D835853 Pair of fire extinguisher reloading wrenches  
D835851 Helmet  
D835854 Condensation support for portable fire extinguisher  
D835850 Helmet  
D835848 Helmet  
D835852 Helmet with device element  
D835849 Helmet  
D835352 Welding helmet  
D835353 Pivot knob ring for a welding helmet  
D835351 Chest protector slip-on member  
D834757 Protective glove cuff  
D834673 Rescue ring buoy  
D834761 Task light