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D779738 Visibility vest  
D779131 Reflective strip  
D779126 Helmet  
D779128 Protective helmet  
D779133 Reflective strip  
D779132 Reflective strip  
D779130 Ambidextrous glove with gripper tread  
D779127 Industrial protection helmet with headband adjusted by a ratchet knob  
D779125 Blocking pad  
D779129 Glove  
D779134 Emergency escape slide  
D778507 Medical cooling personal protection helmet with camera casing and mounting attachment assembly  
D778506 Elbow sleeve  
D778505 Article of headwear that includes a concussion sensor and a noise reduction element  
D778508 Clip for a universal accessory slot of a hard hat  
D778504 Athletic helmet  
D777986 Safety helmet  
D777990 D-ring cord attachment point  
D777991 Fire extinguisher  
D777989 Contoured ear protector  
D777988 Mask  
D777987 Protective helmet  
D777382 Fingertip cover  
D777384 Ear guard  
D777381 Headwear  
D777378 Plate carrier  
D777379 Head mounted display helmet  
D777383 Helmet mount  
D777380 Light up face mask  
D777385 Protective work glove  
D776882 Baseball glove shell  
D776880 Harness  
D776497 Grilling glove with integral food handling tool  
D776881 Protective helmet  
D776355 Harness for a personal rescue device  
D776287 Posture support device  
D776365 Pot holder  
D776358 Protective cap  
D776359 Protective helmet  
D776360 Protective helmet  
D776356 Helmet including a strap retainer  
D776363 Wearable jewelry cover  
D776357 Helmet  
D776362 Sports equipment  
D776361 Helmet  
D776364 Working glove  
D775767 Bicycle helmet  
D775766 Work-vest  
D775432 Sport brace  
D775390 Helmet mounted light