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D846192 Electric hair clipper  
D846190 Detergent/cleaning packet  
D846189 Multi-chamber dishwasher detergent pack  
D846195 Compact container  
D846197 Combined cosmetic stick and compact  
D846194 Nail clippers  
D846196 Container for cosmetics  
D846191 Detergent/cleaning packet  
D846193 Fingernail grooming apparatus  
D845544 Electric razor  
D845547 Nail clippers  
D845549 Cosmetic utensil holder  
D845552 Decanter  
D845136 Ensemble of container and lid  
D845546 Footcare appliance  
D845540 Compact for powder  
D845550 Hair dryer holder  
D845542 Hair trimmer  
D845545 Rotary shaver  
D845541 Blocks of washing products  
D845548 Flosser pick  
D845543 Shaving blade cartridge  
D845551 Cosmetic compact  
D844897 Razor  
D844895 Soap bar  
D844901 Bath scrubber  
D844896 Hair removal device  
D844900 Illuminated tweezers  
D844898 Combined razor guard and docking  
D844893 Dispenser for cosmetics  
D844894 Tablet  
D844899 Razor handle  
D844450 Detergent pouch  
D844249 Hair extension  
D844246 Interchangeable electric grip  
D844242 Razor  
D844241 Hair accessory  
D844250 Hair extension  
D844243 Electric shaver  
D844247 Lip gloss  
D844248 Hair extension  
D844245 Electric hair clipper  
D844244 Electric hair clipper  
D843661 Hair extension  
D843657 Razor  
D843656 Hair removal device  
D843658 Razor handle  
D843651 Makeup applicator  
D843653 Support for a hair care appliance  
D843659 Razor handle