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D864489 Mascara container  
D864481 Hair band  
D864483 Hair clipper  
D864479 Face mask  
D864485 Fingernail dryer  
D864482 Razor handle  
D864488 Lip balm container  
D864480 Water tank for hair straightening apparatus  
D864405 Laser hair removal device  
D864484 Hair trimmer  
D864486 Holder for cosmetics and applicator  
D864487 Combined holder for cosmetics and applicator  
D863685 Cosmetic compact  
D863683 Adjustable pin for a fingernail clipper  
D863684 Hair accessory organizer  
D863682 Clipper blade  
D863686 Cosmetic receptacle  
D863578 Laser hair removal device  
D863679 False eyelash applicator  
D863681 Razor handle  
D863680 Highlighting device  
D863687 Lipstick package  
D863688 Wig stand  
D862087 Hair straightening brush  
D862799 Mirror  
D862798 Artificial nail  
D862797 Dual-ended eyeliner stamp device and applicator assembly  
D862796 Eyelash applicator  
D861989 Compact container  
D861991 Compact  
D861980 Oval dentifrice patch  
D861988 Body exfoliation tool  
D861986 Shaver head  
D861981 Oval dentifrice patch  
D861987 Artificial nail  
D861983 Circular dentifrice patch  
D861982 Oval dentifrice patch  
D861985 Hair straightener  
D861984 Solid cosmetic with container  
D861990 Container for cosmetics  
D861992 Cosmetic compact  
D861251 Safety razor  
D861181 Multi-function cosmetic instrument  
D861244 Face mask  
D861254 Cosmetic receptacle  
D861252 Cap for shaver  
D861250 Depilatory device  
D861245 Cosmetic tool with rolling applicator  
D861246 Hair dryer  
D861247 Depilatory device