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D821030 Comb with integrated liquid dispenser  
D821031 Hairdressing apparatus  
D821034 Cosmetic compact  
D821032 Two head dry shaver  
D821029 Pouch  
D821033 Nail polish container holder  
D820522 Abrasive skin treatment device  
D820519 Headband with attached cap  
D820521 Hair clipper  
D820523 Wall-mounted back scrubber  
D820517 Comb  
D820520 Epilator  
D820518 Comb  
D819885 Make up applicator  
D819888 Razor head  
D819889 Razor handle  
D819887 Razor cartridge  
D819891 Brow gauge tweezer  
D819886 Detergent pouch  
D819890 Hair clipper cover  
D819274 Razor  
D819275 Sensor cover on hand dryer  
D819271 Razor cartridge  
D819265 Makeup applicator  
D819272 Razor cartridge connector  
D819273 Safety razor cartridge  
D819276 Flossing tool  
D819270 Safety razor  
D819269 Hair clip  
D819268 Countertop styling caddy  
D819266 Hair dryer attachment  
D819267 Hair dryer cover  
D818647 Sensor cover on hand dryer  
D818642 Hair coloration device  
D818645 Safety razor handle  
D818643 Razor Actuator Button  
D818646 Shaving device  
D818588 Micro-needle collagen treatment device  
D818644 Razor handle  
D818648 Lip balm applicators  
D818589 Micro-needle collagen injector treatment device  
D818641 Cosmetics applicator with cap  
D818198 Shaving device  
D818197 Shaving device  
D818199 Dental floss holder  
D818196 Shaving device  
D817174 Cosmetic jar  
D817549 Hair tie  
D817546 Scooped cosmetic applicator  
D817552 Discharging plate for compact container