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D835347 Foot brush with a two-piece separable handle  
D835346 Hinged cover for a razor  
D835345 Hair ring  
D835339 Hair color tool  
D835349 Dental floss pick  
D835342 Container dispenser  
D835350 Cosmetic compact  
D835343 Container dispenser  
D835340 Container dispenser  
D835348 Pocket mirror  
D835341 Container dispenser  
D835344 Hair dryer attachment  
D834751 Lighted pocket mirror  
D834750 Razor device  
D834752 Mascara container  
D834749 Hair device for lifting, retention, and styling  
D834748 Hair accessory  
D834747 Makeup tool  
D834321 Oral care implement  
D834254 Shaving device  
D833746 Coupled cylindrical storage container  
D834249 Eyebrow device  
D834252 Razor cover  
D833750 Hair styler  
D834255 Hair extension package  
D834250 Comb  
D834256 Hair clip  
D834251 Razor blade cartridge  
D834253 Shaving device  
D833677 Razor component  
D833678 Hair clipper  
D833675 Portable hygiene station  
D833689 Animal grooming safety scissors  
D833676 Hair curler  
D833679 Dental floss pick  
D833674 Face mask  
D833077 Cosmetic product container  
D833071 Reversible hair band cover  
D833079 Mist spray  
D833066 Spatula for cosmetics  
D833067 Dispenser  
D833069 Hair dryer attachment  
D832683 Pigtail strain relief device  
D833075 Card holder for teeth cleaning devices  
D833072 Hair band  
D833068 Packaging for detergent  
D833070 Hair styling iron  
D833074 Handle for grooming apparatus  
D833073 Facial hair trim guide  
D833076 Cosmetic product container