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D797991 Three chamber pod  
D797994 Hair curler  
D797375 Razor handle  
D797377 Lipstick packaging  
D797371 Cosmetic applicator  
D797374 Razor handle  
D797372 Razor  
D797376 Razor handle  
D797373 Razor handle  
D796747 Cosmetic box  
D796742 Beard comb  
D796745 Beard comb  
D796738 Hair fiber sprayer  
D796736 Capsule  
D796740 Beard comb  
D796739 Beard comb  
D796746 Makeup remover cloth  
D796743 Beard comb  
D796744 Beard comb  
D796209 Combined hair brush and comb  
D796210 Combined hair brush and comb  
D796741 Beard comb  
D796737 Cleaning tablet  
D795697 Nail polish packaging  
D796116 Electric comb  
D795577 Tray for storing and applying hair products  
D796114 Cosmetics applicator  
D796115 Hair fiber sprayer  
D795499 Over cap for cosmetic container  
D795498 Dual head pedicure device  
D795497 Clipper  
D794871 Clipper  
D794766 Scent cartridge  
D794870 Hair clip  
D794792 Multifunctional orthodontic tool  
D794197 Micro-exfoliation roller  
D794247 Lipstick  
D794249 Electric comb  
D794248 Hair extension tape fixing tool  
D794250 Electric comb  
D794251 Bathing sponge  
D793623 Clipper with applied surface ornamentation  
D793624 Compact  
D793622 Styling comb  
D793621 Eyebrow stencil  
D792710 Beard colorant brush  
D793006 Soap bar  
D792217 Applicator  
D792649 Razor handle  
D792650 Clipper