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D779730 Razor cartridge  
D779729 Hair accessory  
D779732 Manicure drill bit  
D779736 Cosmetic box  
D779727 Dual chamber pod  
D779728 Portable curling iron  
D779733 Drill bit for calloused skin  
D779737 Lip balm dispenser  
D779735 Pedestal with coils for holding hair styling tools  
D779121 Razor cartridge  
D779119 Dual chamber pod  
D779120 Hairline gripping band  
D779117 Cosmetic spoon  
D779118 Dual chamber pouch  
D779124 Perfume atomizer  
D779122 Razor handle  
D779123 Clipper head  
D778498 Razor cartridge shaving aid assembly  
D778503 Container for lip balm  
D778499 Razor handle  
D778500 Razor handle  
D778495 Cosmetic applicator  
D778501 Hair rack  
D778502 Container for lip balm  
D778497 Heated hair roller base  
D778496 Cosmetic applicator  
D777985 Lip balm container  
D777981 Nail curing machine  
D777978 Hair iron  
D777984 Compact  
D777977 Lotion applicator and massager set  
D777979 Hairsetter  
D777982 Combined cosmetic container and screen  
D777980 Hair clipper housing  
D777983 Cosmetic product container  
D777376 Shaver  
D777377 Combination dental floss and pick  
D777375 Shaver without shaving head  
D777373 Combined dosage packaging and washing agents  
D777374 Hair pin  
D776870 Eyeliner stamp  
D776877 Dual function personal grooming trimmer  
D776879 Concave three-sided nail file  
D776871 Hair styling device  
D776872 Heated hair roller base  
D776873 Hair removal device  
D776878 Shaving head  
D776874 Hair removing appliance  
D776556 Combined bracelet and hair retainer  
D776875 Razor head