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D792650 Clipper  
D792648 Razor handle  
D792651 Holder for a hair dryer  
D792647 Razor handle  
D792025 Safety razor handle  
D792023 Hair dye applicator  
D792024 Hair foil  
D792026 Cosmetic compact  
D790973 Mascara bottle  
D791409 Razor handle  
D791405 Capsule containing washing products  
D791410 Comb attachment for hair clippers  
D791407 Hair appliance  
D790987 Combined razor handle, cartridge, and package  
D791406 Inductive heating plate  
D791404 Capsule containing washing products  
D791408 Hair iron  
D790355 Cosmetic cream receptacle  
D790769 Wet-shave razor guard  
D790770 Lipstick holder  
D790771 Prosthetic eyelash  
D790768 Handle for a hair tool  
D790134 Combined cosmetic holder and mirror  
D790133 Hair clipper housing lid  
D790130 Make up applicator  
D790131 Electric heating plate  
D790132 Hair clipper housing lid  
D790135 Cosmetics container  
D789607 Razor  
D789608 Razor cartridge cap  
D789606 Razor  
D789611 Cleaning and drying tool for cosmetic brushes  
D789605 Finger protector for cutting hair  
D789604 Hair removal device  
D789609 Razor handle  
D789610 Electric hair trimmer  
D789601 Cosmetics applicator  
D789602 Capsule containing washing products  
D789603 Capsule containing washing products  
D789600 Cosmetics applicator  
D788984 Nail care device  
D788978 Hair dryer  
D788981 Nail and skin abrasion device  
D788982 Cosmetic abrasion device  
D788985 False eyelash support  
D788979 Angled hair straightener  
D788983 Nail and skin abrasion device  
D788977 Makeup tool  
D788980 Cosmetic abrasion device  
D788369 Nail care device