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8752402 Jewelry and method of wearing  
A jewelry item includes an ornament, a coil with a plurality of turns, and a pad. The pad includes a central bore configured for receiving the helical coil. A compressive force between adjacent...
D707393 Eyeliner applicator  
D707392 Skincare applicator  
D706978 Skincare applicator  
D706996 Holder for a removable animal grooming comb  
D706987 Back scrubber  
D706984 Nail polish removal packet  
D706982 Depilatory device with cover  
D706988 Spider shaped dental floss dispenser  
D706985 Nail filing and contouring device  
D706981 Depilatory device  
D706979 Hair band and glasses holder  
D706983 Part of a hand dryer  
D706977 Applicator comb  
D706980 Flash lamp epilator  
D706986 Cosmetic device  
D706989 Hairpiece with retaining band  
D706486 Hair extension clip system  
D706487 Accessory for a cosmetic device  
D706488 Scrubber sponge  
D705991 Hair removal device  
D705657 Cosmetic container  
D705988 Applicator clip for applying a hair composition to a bundle of hair strands  
D705989 Hair removal device  
D705993 Mascara applicator  
D705990 Epilator  
D705986 Cosmetic package  
D705992 Hair removal device  
D705987 Applicator clip for applying a hair composition to a bundle of hair strands  
D705488 Ultraviolet curing device  
D705483 Heated hair brush iron  
D705489 Pumice stone  
D705484 Apparatus for removing body hair  
D705487 Nail applique  
D705485 Electric hair clipper  
D705486 Nail applique  
D704892 Base for a partial wig  
D704891 Basement for wig  
D704889 Nail UV light  
D704893 Hair extension kit  
D704890 Nail varnish holder  
D704887 Razor  
D704888 Dryer  
D703957 Bathing device with finger grip  
D704065 Container  
D704066 Container  
D704378 Gel polish removal tool  
D703867 Comb  
D703868 Novelty headband  
D703869 Epilation apparatus