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D716998 Hair dryer  
D717002 Tweezers  
D716999 Hair dryer  
D717003 Cosmetic compact case  
D717001 Electric hair clipper  
D716499 Dental floss dispenser  
D716501 Cosmetic compact case  
D716494 Hair straightener  
D716498 Tick removal tool  
D716493 Laser comb  
D716495 Hair roller  
D716492 Hair dryer  
D716497 Hair appliance  
D716500 Cosmetic compact case  
D716496 Hair straightener apparatus  
D715996 Hair dryer  
D715997 Hair clamp  
D715998 False eyelash  
D715995 Hair dryer  
D715488 Hair accessory stretch band  
D715489 Cover for hair clippers  
D715490 Cover for hair clippers  
D715487 Novelty headband  
D715486 Diffuser  
D715495 Attachment for cosmetic device  
D715483 Hair drier  
D715491 Base with projections  
D715492 Hand dryer  
D715494 Manicure dryer  
D715484 Hair dryer  
D715485 Electric hair dryer  
D715493 Cosmetic device  
D715000 Sheet of nail appliques  
D714997 Mask pack  
8850713 Hand drying device  
A hand drying device includes: a drying chamber; a nozzle; a supply unit; a hand detection sensor; a control unit; and an illuminating unit. The drying chamber includes: an opening; a first inner...
D715001 Device for applying nail decals  
D715002 Sheet of nail appliques  
D714998 Combined hair management and cutting device  
D714999 Base with projections  
D714495 Toothpick  
D714490 Lip balm applicator  
D714493 Hand dryer  
D714492 Razor handle  
D714491 Combination hair pick and comb  
D714494 Tweezers with light  
D714404 Configurable mustache mask  
D713995 Hair accessory organizer  
D713992 Fluid dispensing comb  
D713993 Hair bow with audio player  
D713994 Shaver head