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D711713 Eyebrow scissors  
D711593 Clipper head  
D711595 Hair clipper holding sleeve  
D711592 Hair color gel container  
D711594 Clipper head  
D711042 Folding roll brush iron  
D711046 Cleansing implement  
D711043 Hair styling device holster sleeve  
D711047 Scrub mitt  
D711048 Back washing and scrubbing brush  
D711044 Clipper  
D711049 Flosser  
D711045 Clipper head  
D710540 Hair color gel container  
D710544 Cosmetics container  
D710539 Hair color gel container  
D710538 Hair color applicator  
D710541 Hair dryer  
D710543 Personal care product container  
D710542 Razor handle  
D710053 Cosmetic article of manufacture  
D710055 Epilator  
D710056 Razor handle  
D710057 Hand-held plaque removing device  
D710054 Epilator  
D709648 Hair band  
D709646 Make-up applicator  
D709647 Device for dispensing a product  
D709650 Skin removal device  
D709652 Lip gloss  
D709649 Manicure set  
D709651 Cosmetic case  
D709246 Mitt  
D709245 Self-securing shower wall exfoliating device  
D708790 Lip balm container  
D708785 Ointment applicator  
D708782 Solid powder for compacts  
D708791 Lip balm container  
D708788 Dental floss dispenser  
D708781 Solid powder for compacts  
D708787 Gripping aid  
D708786 Portion of a safety razor handle  
D708783 Cosmetic container  
D708784 Cosmetic container  
D708789 Lip balm container  
D708393 Hand dryer  
D708392 Hair pick with mirror  
D707889 Back brush  
D707899 Pet glove  
D707893 Dental floss device