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D719296 Hair iron  
D719297 Hair clip  
D719299 Hand dryer  
D719301 Cosmetic compact case  
D719298 Hair accessory  
D719295 Haircomb  
D719300 Hand dryer  
D718904 Cosmetic compact case  
D718902 Cosmetic compact case  
D718903 Cosmetic compact case  
D718898 Wax applicator  
D718900 Electric shaver  
D718899 Comb  
D718905 Compact case  
D718901 Cosmetic compact case  
D718906 Compact case  
D718496 Electric hair clipper  
D718500 Makeup palette  
D718497 Multifunctional grooming tweezers with comb  
D718495 Electric shaver  
D718498 Tweezers  
D718499 Makeup palette  
D718494 Hair band with audio player button thereon  
8893400 Hair dryer having a passive silencer system  
The invention relates to a hair dryer including a tapered plastic shell between a rear end and a front end through which flows out the air set into motion and heated by the hair dryer, this...
D717998 Nail file  
D717997 Tweezer  
D717536 Combination bead reamer/tweezers  
D717996 Electric shaver  
D717995 Eyeliner applicator  
D717999 Nail file  
D717491 Shaving device  
D717489 Hair volumizing accessory  
D717494 Shaving device  
D717493 Electric hair clipper  
D717492 Electric hair clipper  
D717495 Nail file  
D717490 Hair dryer  
D717496 Lipstick case  
D717000 Hair stylizing apparatus  
D716998 Hair dryer  
D717002 Tweezers  
D716999 Hair dryer  
D717003 Cosmetic compact case  
D717001 Electric hair clipper  
D716499 Dental floss dispenser  
D716501 Cosmetic compact case  
D716494 Hair straightener  
D716498 Tick removal tool  
D716493 Laser comb  
D716495 Hair roller