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D725311 Disposable flosser  
D724787 Compact  
D724784 Automatic hair styling device  
D724786 Compact  
D724785 Mobile makeup compact  
D724268 Hair roller  
D723794 Cosmetic case  
D724271 Electric clipper head  
D724267 Flat iron  
D724266 Eye brow and eye lash grooming tool  
D724269 Handle for a razor  
D724270 Handle for a razor  
D723740 Combination hair band, hair tie, and sleep mask  
D723742 Cosmetic holder  
D723245 Adjustable wrap  
D723741 Hair extension holder  
D723739 Hair dryer  
D723221 False eyelash  
D723217 Multi-functional shaver  
D723220 Cosmetic box  
D723218 Hinged cosmetic container  
D723219 Slidable cosmetic container  
D722725 Cosmetic case  
D722723 Hair clipper  
D722724 Cosmetic box  
D722404 Compact  
D722405 Compact  
D722403 Handle for trimmer  
D722406 Compact  
D722197 Hair removal device  
D722200 Hair clipper  
D722203 Hair clipper housing lid  
D722202 Hair clipper housing lid  
D722199 Total body shaver  
D722204 Cosmetic compact case  
D722198 Electric shaver  
D722205 Cosmetic compact case  
D722201 Comb for total body shaver  
D721857 Scalp patch  
D721856 Curved slide compact  
D721850 Shower tub back scrubber device  
D721854 Cosmetic compact case  
D721851 Toothpick  
D721853 Compact  
D721852 Dental floss holder and dispenser  
8938888 Hair drying system  
A hair drying system has a chair with a chair platform, a back rest, a first arm, and a second arm. A microprocessor with a data storage component is connected to an internet source. A massaging...
D721849 Jewelry retainer for hair  
D721855 Cosmetic compact  
D721455 Holder for nail cleaner  
D721456 Nozzle