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D767208 Back scrubber  
D766590 Foam hair brush  
D767205 Hair styling iron  
D767202 Styling iron  
D767204 Styling iron  
D767209 Mascara container  
D767207 Comb for grooming apparatus  
D767226 Cleaning mitt  
D767206 Hair volumizer  
D766505 Shaving razor  
D766512 Translucent cosmetic product container  
D766506 Razor cartridge  
D766504 Double blade hair straightener  
D766507 Clipper with applied surface ornamentation  
D766513 Wig base  
D766511 Brush retention clip  
D766510 Wall-mounted back scrubber  
D766508 Combined callus remover and nail polisher  
D766509 Bath sponge  
D765910 Portable curling iron  
D765915 Dental flosser  
D765909 Eyeliner stencil  
D765912 Razor handle  
D765911 Single blade hair straightener  
D765914 Abrasive skin treatment device  
D765512 Dispenser of cosmetic products  
D765913 Nail polish bottle shaker  
D765311 Eyeliner stencil  
D765314 Gel nail polish curing lamp  
D765315 Foot scrubber  
D765313 Hair accessory  
D765310 Eyeliner stencil  
D764912 Perfume atomizer case  
D765327 Pad  
D765312 Eyeliner stencil  
D764710 Cosmetic product container  
D764714 Cosmetic product container  
D764704 Lash application device  
D764709 Brush drying rack  
D764707 Adjustable styling organizer  
D764706 Epilator  
D764708 Styling rack  
D764712 Cosmetic product container  
D764713 Cosmetic product container  
D764711 Cosmetic product container  
D764705 Eyelash curler  
D764107 Cosmetic product container  
D764106 Cosmetic product container  
D764111 Cosmetic product container  
D764105 Cosmetic product container