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D701998 Beauty products organizer  
D701997 Nail polish appliqué strip  
D701647 Hair trimmer base with projections  
D701645 Ponytail holder  
D701646 Razor  
D701648 Cosmetic device  
D701346 Lipstick container  
D700997 Back shaver  
D700998 Cover for hair clippers  
D700999 Cover for hair clippers  
D700995 Razor handle  
D700996 Razor handle  
D701000 Holder for makeup products  
D700744 Tube for removing nail polish  
D700743 Electric hair clipper  
D700741 Hair removal device  
D700740 Heating hair clip  
D700742 Razor head cover  
D700400 Makeup holder  
D699890 Lice comb  
D699891 Portion of a safety razor handle  
D699579 Cosmetic container  
D699894 Cosmetic collection  
D699892 Razor cartridge  
D699893 Back shaver  
D699897 Facial shield for eye makeup or the like  
D699395 Razor handle  
D699112 Concealer container  
D699396 Safety razor  
8646142 Got your back applicator systems  
A multi-fluid applicator utensil comprising a head assembly having a head section; a face surface; a back surface; and a receiver and a handle assembly having a shank and a gripper. The head...
D699394 Razor  
D699393 Hair holding device  
D699392 Flexible hair clip  
D699000 Razor handle  
D698997 Safety razor  
D698996 Cylindrical hair band  
D698995 Hair rollers  
D698998 Safety razor  
D698994 Heated hair brush iron  
D699002 Hairband holder  
D698999 Safety razor  
D699001 Automatic back cleaner and track system  
D698486 Hair iron heating plate for straightening and curling hair  
D698489 Hair curler  
D698490 Hair rollers  
D698494 Clipper head  
D698488 Hair curler  
D698491 Three head shaver  
D698493 Clipper  
D698485 Hair wave iron