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D697668 Clipper  
D697262 Shaving device  
D697265 Electric hair clipper  
D697260 Hair stylist ear guard  
D697261 Hair accessory stretch band  
D697263 Shaving device  
D697266 Clipper  
D697264 Electric hair clipper  
D696818 Hair trimmer housing  
D696817 Two head dry shaver  
D696819 Toe separator  
D696816 Cosmetic pen  
D696460 Trimmer  
D696457 Hair removal clip assembly  
D696461 Trimmer  
D696458 Electric shaver  
D696459 Hair clipper  
D696456 Hair stylizing apparatus  
D695961 Two head dry shaver  
D695963 Electric shaver  
D695958 Hair dryer with touch sensitive control screen  
D695964 Hair clipper  
D695957 Soap  
D695962 Two head dry shaver  
D695960 Handle for a razor  
D695959 Heated hair roller carousel  
D695400 Skin treatment applicator  
D695454 Hair holding device  
D695399 Skin treatment applicator  
D695453 Novelty headband  
D695451 Dosage packaging for washing agents  
D695457 Grip portion of a shaving razor  
D695452 Hair comb  
D695458 Razor handle  
D695456 Hair holding device  
D695455 Hair holding device  
D694952 Hair brush iron  
D694951 Ear wick with swab  
D694954 Device for applying nail decals  
D694955 Set of eyelash decals  
D694953 Device for applying nail decals  
D694471 Handle for a razor  
D694472 Cap for a cosmetic product  
D694473 Cap for a cosmetic product  
D694470 Handle for a razor  
D694469 Handle for a razor  
D693965 Vertical back scratcher  
D693226 Container  
D693518 Hair curler  
D693060 Contoured electric head shaver