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D722200 Hair clipper  
D722203 Hair clipper housing lid  
D722202 Hair clipper housing lid  
D722199 Total body shaver  
D722204 Cosmetic compact case  
D722198 Electric shaver  
D722205 Cosmetic compact case  
D722201 Comb for total body shaver  
D721857 Scalp patch  
D721856 Curved slide compact  
D721850 Shower tub back scrubber device  
D721854 Cosmetic compact case  
D721851 Toothpick  
D721853 Compact  
D721852 Dental floss holder and dispenser  
8938888 Hair drying system  
A hair drying system has a chair with a chair platform, a back rest, a first arm, and a second arm. A microprocessor with a data storage component is connected to an internet source. A massaging...
D721849 Jewelry retainer for hair  
D721855 Cosmetic compact  
D721455 Holder for nail cleaner  
D721456 Nozzle  
D721204 Two head shaver  
D721205 Hair clipper  
D721203 Powder bag  
D720888 Hair clipper  
D720890 Cosmetic case  
D720885 Hairpin  
D720889 Foot shaped nail clipper  
D720887 Hair trimmer housing  
D720886 Two head dry shaver  
D720500 Hair dryer  
D720501 Makeup palette apparatus  
D720096 Dental floss dispenser  
D719702 Nail polish appliqué strip  
D719703 Cosmetic compact case  
D719296 Hair iron  
D719297 Hair clip  
D719299 Hand dryer  
D719301 Cosmetic compact case  
D719298 Hair accessory  
D719295 Haircomb  
D719300 Hand dryer  
D718904 Cosmetic compact case  
D718902 Cosmetic compact case  
D718903 Cosmetic compact case  
D718898 Wax applicator  
D718900 Electric shaver  
D718899 Comb  
D718905 Compact case  
D718901 Cosmetic compact case  
D718906 Compact case