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D688000 Fabric care product having a swirl appearance  
D688004 Bathing apparatus  
D688005 Toothpick with infinity symbol end  
D688003 Cosmetic applicator tip  
D687634 Stadium box compact  
D688007 Cosmetic palette  
D688009 Backscratcher  
D688002 Cosmetic applicator tip  
D688008 Cosmetic palette  
D688001 Cosmetic applicator tip  
D687599 Base for handheld nail treatment device  
D687598 Handheld nail treatment device  
D687600 Ultraviolet nail curing device  
D687244 Corset-shaped organizer  
D687597 Combination hair styling device  
D687603 Cosmetic container  
D687601 Cosmetic container  
D687596 Soap bar  
D687594 Cosmetics sponge  
D687602 Cosmetic case  
D687595 Cosmetics sponge  
D687185 Hairband with snap ornamentation  
D687187 Cosmetic case  
D687188 Cosmetic case  
D687183 Table for beauty salon use  
D687184 Covered hair clip  
D687182 Capsule containing dishwashing powder  
D687186 Cosmetic case  
D686367 Dispensing applicator with a flocked tip  
D686369 Nail lamp  
D686365 Dispensing applicator with an elongate tip and contoured grip  
D686370 Skin removal device  
D686368 Razor handle  
D686371 Combined bottle and atomizer  
D686366 Dispensing applicator with a foam tip  
D685949 Nail product curing lamp  
D685948 Cosmetic applicator  
D685523 Dispensing device  
D685526 Compact case  
D685525 Compact case  
D685527 Cosmetic compact with twistable lid  
D685528 Lipstick case  
D685524 Compact mirror  
D685134 Lip gloss dispenser  
D685132 Hair dryer stand  
D685135 Removable hair extension  
D685133 Compact case  
D684723 Pedicure machine  
D684722 Headband  
D684724 Dental flossing tool