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D729070 Dispensing tube  
D729448 Hair dryer  
D729446 Cosmetic applicator  
D729454 Razor  
D729453 Razor  
D729455 Manicure glove  
D729447 Hair dryer  
D729449 Grille  
D729456 Hair color bottle holder  
D729451 Hair twist with feather  
D728857 Razor  
D728856 Comb  
D728859 Backplate for wall mounted dryer  
D728860 Cosmetics storage device  
D728861 Cosmetic container  
D728858 Razor  
D728219 Case  
D728161 Nail care device  
D728159 Shaving device  
D728158 Headband  
D728160 Shaving device  
D728157 Capsule for containing washing products  
9015892 Corner-mounted shower brush  
The bodily scrubbing assembly includes a housing that may be mounted within a shower. A plurality of suction cups is coupled to the housing. The suction cups are configured to engage the shower....
D727567 Finger sponge  
D727568 Hair heating tool  
D727013 Case  
D727012 Case  
D727014 Case  
D727569 Hair curling apparatus  
D726963 Tapered styling wand  
D726956 Applicator  
D726961 Curling iron  
D726967 Holder for lipstick  
D726966 Floss container  
D726969 Frame for imitation hair  
D726958 Hair dryer  
D726957 Applicator  
D726962 Oval styling wand  
D726959 Noise reducing filter end cap for a hair dryer  
D726964 Hair straightener  
D726960 Noise reducing filter end cap for a hair dryer  
D726968 Wig base  
D726965 Heating plate for hair straightener  
D726368 Two-piece facial cosmetic device  
D726376 Dental floss holder  
D726377 Compact  
D726370 Hair dryer pik attachment  
D726374 Nail clipper  
D726372 Cartridge for cosmetic device  
D726373 Nail clipper