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D816271 Shave razor  
D815776 Safety razor  
D815775 Razor holder  
D815774 Hair styling device  
D815508 Handle  
RE46786 Exfoliating device with cover, and roller therefor  
D815351 Cosmetic applicator  
D815353 Hair dryer  
D815354 Shaver handle  
D815355 Hair clipper housing  
D815352 Cosmetic applicator  
D815356 Nail polish bottle storage ball  
D815357 Mascara package  
D815358 Cosmetics case  
D814703 Hair clipper housing  
D814704 Set of dental floss holders  
D814701 Shaving blade cartridge  
D814700 Nozzle  
D814301 Cosmetic jar  
D814698 Eyeliner stencil  
D814705 Face paint container  
D814697 Eyeliner stencil  
D814696 Dog chew toy  
D814702 Hair clipper housing  
D814706 Cosmetic vessel  
D814699 Contoured hair coloring board  
D814109 Honeycomb hair dome  
D814107 Applicator for artificial lash extensions  
D814113 Neck hair grooming template  
D814110 Hair styling tool  
D813551 Nail polish bottle applicator cap  
D814117 Package  
D814108 Detergent/cleaning packet  
D814112 Hair clip  
D814118 Lip balm casing with a mirror surface  
D814116 Razor handle  
D814114 Razor handle  
D814111 Hair accessory  
D814115 Razor handle  
D813461 False eyelash  
D813456 Shaver handle  
D813455 Razor handle  
D813450 Cosmetic applicator  
D813460 Nail clipper  
D813458 Electric shaver  
D813453 Die for manufacturing skin care patch  
D813457 Electric shaver  
D813005 Handle  
D813452 Make up applicator  
D813451 Makeup applicator