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D698485 Hair wave iron  
D698495 Nail dryer  
D698496 Lip balm tube holder  
D698497 Lip balm tube holder  
D698487 Hair curler  
D698484 Applicator clip for applying a hair composition to a bundle of hair strands  
D698492 Hair clipper  
D698090 Lip balm tube holder  
D698087 Sheet of nail appliques  
D698088 Sheet of nail appliques  
D698078 Foam applicator for applying a fluid  
D697807 Flask for cosmetic  
D698091 Lash tester wand  
D698085 Beard trimmer  
D698082 Hair clipper  
D698089 Lip balm tube holder  
D698083 Hair trimmer housing  
D698079 Clipper  
D697800 Cosmetic pot  
D698086 Clipper head  
D698084 Beard trimmer  
D698080 Hair clipper  
D698081 Hair clipper  
D698092 Lash tester wand  
D697669 Clipper  
D697671 Clipper  
D697673 Hair dryer holder  
D697672 Nail tool holder  
D697667 Hair dryer  
D697674 Compact container  
D697670 Clipper  
D697668 Clipper  
D697262 Shaving device  
D697265 Electric hair clipper  
D697260 Hair stylist ear guard  
D697261 Hair accessory stretch band  
D697263 Shaving device  
D697266 Clipper  
D697264 Electric hair clipper  
D696818 Hair trimmer housing  
D696817 Two head dry shaver  
D696819 Toe separator  
D696816 Cosmetic pen  
D696460 Trimmer  
D696457 Hair removal clip assembly  
D696461 Trimmer  
D696458 Electric shaver  
D696459 Hair clipper  
D696456 Hair stylizing apparatus  
D695961 Two head dry shaver