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D715491 Base with projections  
D715492 Hand dryer  
D715494 Manicure dryer  
D715484 Hair dryer  
D715485 Electric hair dryer  
D715493 Cosmetic device  
D715000 Sheet of nail appliques  
D714997 Mask pack  
8850713 Hand drying device  
A hand drying device includes: a drying chamber; a nozzle; a supply unit; a hand detection sensor; a control unit; and an illuminating unit. The drying chamber includes: an opening; a first inner...
D715001 Device for applying nail decals  
D715002 Sheet of nail appliques  
D714998 Combined hair management and cutting device  
D714999 Base with projections  
D714495 Toothpick  
D714490 Lip balm applicator  
D714493 Hand dryer  
D714492 Razor handle  
D714491 Combination hair pick and comb  
D714494 Tweezers with light  
D714404 Configurable mustache mask  
D713995 Hair accessory organizer  
D713992 Fluid dispensing comb  
D713993 Hair bow with audio player  
D713994 Shaver head  
D713991 Soap item attached to a stick  
D713599 Hair dyeing comb  
D713601 Decorative tooth pick  
D713600 Wall mountable back scrubber  
D713097 Lipstick applicator  
D713094 Electric apparatus for preparing cosmetics  
D713096 Hair iron  
D713095 Hair pin opener apparatus  
D712593 Mountable floss dispenser  
D712597 Lip balm dispenser  
D712592 Mask for face pack  
D712594 Container  
D712595 Lip gloss holder  
D712596 Lip gloss container  
D712092 Mask for face pack  
D712094 Headband  
D712093 Hair clip  
8813384 Hair dryer with dual axis rotatable handle  
A hair dryer is provided having a handle that may both be pivoted toward the dryer housing, and rotated with respect to the dryer housing so that the dryer may easily be operated in either a...
D712096 Disposable flossing assembly  
D712095 Hair clip  
D711713 Eyebrow scissors  
D711593 Clipper head  
D711595 Hair clipper holding sleeve  
D711592 Hair color gel container  
D711594 Clipper head  
D711042 Folding roll brush iron