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D742591 Hand dryer  
D742069 Manicure tool  
D742068 Fabric hair roller  
D742070 Compact  
D742071 Lipstick case  
D742067 Hair curling device  
D742072 Hair accessory  
D742066 Soap  
D741547 Scraper for nail art  
D741543 Hair strand coloring base panel  
D741068 Applicator  
D741546 Razor cartridge  
D741548 Luminaire  
D741549 Double lock hair extension system  
D741544 Hair dryer  
D741545 Hair dryer  
D741542 Cosmetic product  
D741191 Cosmetic wiper  
D741008 Razor cartridge  
D741012 Razor guard  
D741015 Razor handle extension  
D741013 Razor cartridge  
D741017 Foot file  
D741004 Lipstick bullet  
D741014 Razor cartridge  
D741011 Razor cartridge  
D741006 Eyebrow stencil template  
D741016 Nail buffer  
D741007 Reversible hair band cover  
D741005 Hair coloring apparatus  
D741018 Cosmetics container  
D741010 Razor cartridge  
D741009 Razor cartridge  
D740490 Foot cleaning device  
D740489 Sponge applicator  
D740492 Cosmetic container  
D740493 Dome for lip gloss holder  
D740491 Mascara and brush container  
D739980 Shaver handle  
D739981 Hard skin remover  
D739607 Cosmetic container  
D739603 Color blocking tape unit  
D739605 Razor handle  
D739606 Cosmetic container  
D739608 Back scratcher  
D739604 Razor handle  
D739080 Cosmetic device  
D739079 Combined container and curlers  
D739082 Cosmetic container  
D738611 Combination tweezer and knotter for beading