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D709646 Make-up applicator  
D709647 Device for dispensing a product  
D709650 Skin removal device  
D709652 Lip gloss  
D709649 Manicure set  
D709651 Cosmetic case  
D709246 Mitt  
D709245 Self-securing shower wall exfoliating device  
D708790 Lip balm container  
D708785 Ointment applicator  
D708782 Solid powder for compacts  
D708791 Lip balm container  
D708788 Dental floss dispenser  
D708781 Solid powder for compacts  
D708787 Gripping aid  
D708786 Portion of a safety razor handle  
D708783 Cosmetic container  
D708784 Cosmetic container  
D708789 Lip balm container  
D708393 Hand dryer  
D708392 Hair pick with mirror  
D707889 Back brush  
D707899 Pet glove  
D707893 Dental floss device  
D707885 Shaving razor cartridge  
D707890 Dental floss device  
D707886 Finger-nail dryer  
D707884 Vibration puff  
D707892 Dental floss device  
D707887 Ultraviolet emitting device for nail hardening  
D707891 Dental floss device  
D707883 Four-finger cosmetic applicator glove  
D707888 Ultraviolet emitting device for nail hardening  
D707390 Finger sponge for applying makeup  
D707397 Hair styling device holster  
D707396 Ultraviolet emitting device for nail hardening  
D707394 Hair accessory  
D707395 Part of a hand dryer  
D707391 Cream and ointment applicator  
8752402 Jewelry and method of wearing  
A jewelry item includes an ornament, a coil with a plurality of turns, and a pad. The pad includes a central bore configured for receiving the helical coil. A compressive force between adjacent...
D707393 Eyeliner applicator  
D707392 Skincare applicator  
D706978 Skincare applicator  
D706996 Holder for a removable animal grooming comb  
D706987 Back scrubber  
D706984 Nail polish removal packet  
D706982 Depilatory device with cover  
D706988 Spider shaped dental floss dispenser  
D706985 Nail filing and contouring device  
D706981 Depilatory device