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D814112 Hair clip  
D814118 Lip balm casing with a mirror surface  
D814116 Razor handle  
D814114 Razor handle  
D814111 Hair accessory  
D814115 Razor handle  
D813461 False eyelash  
D813456 Shaver handle  
D813455 Razor handle  
D813450 Cosmetic applicator  
D813460 Nail clipper  
D813458 Electric shaver  
D813453 Die for manufacturing skin care patch  
D813457 Electric shaver  
D813005 Handle  
D813452 Make up applicator  
D813451 Makeup applicator  
D813459 Hair clipper guide attachment  
D813454 Combined hair extension and hair tool holder  
D812810 Make up applicator  
D812809 Cosmetics applicator  
D812812 Detergent/cleaning packet  
D812815 Shaver handle  
D812813 Brass knuckles comb  
D812811 Capsule containing washing products  
D812814 Hairdresser razor  
D812816 Disposable dental floss and toothpick dental accessory  
D812302 Housing for an electric hair clipper  
D812297 Three chamber pod  
D812301 Razor  
D812296 Eyeliner applicator  
D812300 Ponytail accessory  
D812303 Lighted tweezer  
D812304 Cuticle nippers  
D812298 Water-soluble detergent capsule  
D812299 Beard pik  
D812305 Toothpick  
D812294 Dual eyeliner applicator  
D812295 Cosmetic spatula  
D811658 Strip for a shaving razor cartridge  
D811262 Pendant necklace  
D811661 Set of nail clippers with integrated nippers  
D811660 Hair clipper housing  
D811656 Detergent pouch  
D811659 Trimmer  
D811654 Cosmetics sponge  
D811224 Cosmetic cream container  
D811261 Pendant necklace  
D811655 Set of peel away eyeliner stencils  
D811535 Lavatory fixture with integrated faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer